Celebrating firmness, unbendedness, and especially upcoming Stiffness!


Upon hearing that John proposed to Lila, I thought it would be a perfect reason (excuse) to go out to eat and celebrate. We already had a plan to go west to pick up a used baby changing station


so I looked up restaurants in the vicinity. It appeared there were several Polish delis on Archer, so we chose to explore that route. While in that area Elizabeth noticed Bobak’s


where I had once gone before with John. We picked up some white borscht (and a week’s worth of groceries) and sampled the many sausage chunks with tooth picks. At that point it was already 2:00 or so, and it was decided wherever we went for our late lunch, it must include more of these tasty animal products.

I recalled that the last time I had been to Bobaks, I had walked from the other direction across the train tracks but couldn’t for the life of me remember why. We decided to drive that way to find out, and there was a very intriguing looking Polish restaurant called… Szalas.


It appears now that this is a Polish “highlander” restaurant, and I indeed ordered a dish called the “highlander.”

The place said “open,” but to enter one has to pull on a rope by the door for someone to open the place. It was a little intimidating. Then, once we entered, everyone spoke Polish to us – I guess we can pass either as Poles or a Polish/Greek/Irish mix. We chose the right day because there was a huge party


in the same room that I think was in honor of some woman’s birth with some 35 attendees at least. There was a band playing live music that consisted of an accordion, a fiddle, and a cello strapped like a guitar and played with a bass bow.


When the woman walked in, she was greeted with flowers, and every one of the 35 guests got in a line to kiss both of her cheeks and say whatever Polish people say to one another when they seem to be happy.

In honor of John and Lila, we feasted Polish style


and even brought home a special snack instead of ice cream…




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One Response to “Celebrating firmness, unbendedness, and especially upcoming Stiffness!”

  1. John Says:

    Well! I can’t imagine anything better than that happening as a result of our engagement – a mention in the Saathoffs blog, a week’s worth of Polish groceries, a highlander meal AND a Prince Polo bar. I told Lila that we probably couldn’t even plan a wedding better than such an afternoon outing (she seemed to want to believe otherwise, certainly not in disparagement of the outing, but in order to build confidence and hope for matrimony).

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