Our tummies have undergone changes recently. See if you can guess whose is whose!




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2 Responses to “Tummies!”

  1. Sister Boo Says:

    Wow, I am a big fan of the ice cream icons you have chosen to use as the banner for this site. Hilarious.

    Eric, your tummy is looking like it might be hurting a little. Hope you are feeling better. Lizzy, can you feel the baby move yet?

    Finally, congrats to Jan and Lila!!

  2. YiaYia Margie Boo Says:

    Eric I had no idea in the ER at Fairview Southdale Christmas night that this medication would cause such discomfort to your precious little tummy. I hope that this stomach injection routine will be ended extremely soon! The other tummy – Lizard’s I assume is looking simply marvelous. Little Cap has obviously been growing and making him/herself at home.

    I am delighted to hear of the upcoming Wedding of Jon and Lila. What a great help they were at your Wedding. Be sure to wish them our best. Is there a date set?

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