Little Cap Visits the Midwife, Round 2


On Thursday we trekked to Oak Park for Little Cap’s second visit with the midwives. This time we saw Hillary


last time it was Julie and both seem great.

My blood pressure is good and LC’s heartbeat was again deemed “perfect.” I was advised to start taking an iron supplement and also told that I tested positive for Group B Strep. It’s a bacteria that lives in the guts of many people and rarely causes problems. However, in about .005-1% of infants whose Mama’s carry the bacteria, it can cause serious blood infections, or even meningitis. The risks are pretty slim, but the “standard of care” is to give any woman who carries the bacteria an IV full of antibiotics while in labor. The midwife said we could refuse it, but did warn that it wouldn’t be easy to do. Unfortunately, we got this news before hearing the heartbeat, and I was a bit distracted at that point. Admittedly, an IV of antibiotics is no big deal, Eric attests to this with experience! I, however, am NOT a fan of needles. The first time (and only time) I gave blood I fainted. I’m sure it was from the blood loss, but needles have made me feel seriously icky ever since. (It didn’t help that I was donating blood with my Theory of Knowledge class, not the most comfortable scenario.) Thankfully, Eric stayed on top of things and remembered to ask Hillary about our due date. It is now officially, in our minds and the midwives’, June 30th. Plan accordingly, familia! Next visit is the ultrasound / sonogram, stay tuned.

Today I took some time to beef up my Group B Strep knowledge since it would be nice to avoid unnecessary needles. From what I found in a very, very cursory search, it seems that the risk of Group B Strep infection is rare and that on a large scale, the risks of Group B Strep verses allergic reactions to antibiotics are actually pretty similar. Additionally, the use of antibiotics on about one third of women in labor has already made amoxicillin useless in treating Group B Strep. Penicillin is apparently the drug of choice these days. For now, I figure I’ll learn to buck up and deal with the needle. It’s even starting to sound better than arguing out of the IV. I might start viewing Eric’s poor tummy injections more often. And it definitely sounds better than the “what-ifs” that would follow if something were to happen to Little Cap. Especially since we don’t know any heroic one-armed doctors.

My little research stint today made me a little blue. Since taking (or avoiding) the antibiotics can make you a good parent or a bad parent depending on what you’re reading, it’s a bit frustrating. But when Eric came home he brought extra truffles that his class had been eating, drew up a hot bath for me and made some white borscht.

img_0505 img_0508

Coupled with some prayer,


and I couldn’t be feeling better!

After the appointment on Thursday we went to a lecture on St. Basil the Great


by a professor from Loyola. I thought it was interesting and informative. Eric had already read everything that was said, but still enjoyed it. It was nice to be back in a classroom, but I’m not afraid to say that I’m very glad there won’t be a test!

Oh, there was one other disappointment – we ran into more traffic than we expected on the way to the midwives’, and while we made it on time to the appointment. It was too late to stop at the bakery beforehand, and the bakery


was closed on the way out. I was really hoping for a PBJ on Honey Whole Wheat (heavy on the PB, light on the J) with a big glass of milk. Next time we’re leaving even earlier.



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