In Chicago (and most cities, I think) there is an email list called Freecycle.  This has been a great tool for us to both get rid of things that we no longer want and to acquire things we don’t want to buy.  Recently we got rid of unwanted books and shoes, and we have acquired some great baby stuff.  You’ve already seen the baby changing station.

This weekend we were given a carseat, but it’s more than a carseat!


Here you can see the carseat in one base and an additional base that would be so useful were we to have two cars!  It’s making me think maybe we do need two cars even though Lizzy doesn’t yet drive.  Eventually the baby will need one, right?


Here you can see how one can easily leave the base of the carseat attached to the car while detaching a baby carrier, thus allowing a sleeping baby little interruption and annoyance.  It is not as light as it looks.  These items were offered on Freecycle, and when we replied to the poster, she told us where and when to come and pick them up.  Then we discovered that there were even more possibilities, so we put up a WANTED email on the listhost, and here’s what we got:


It’s a wheelchair that’s gone through a trash compactor!  No, it’s actually folded, and it’s not exactly a wheelchair…


Unfolded it appears to be an elaborate, though small, shopping cart.  But it’s function is revealed:


It’s a set of wheels that attach to the baby holder!  Complete with optional sun and wind blocking accoutrements.


Now, when we have strapped the baby in good and tight, we won’t have to do any re-strapping as we transfer him/her from the house to the street to the car and back to the street again.  I’m sure we’ll end up back in the house at some point.

We tested it, and it only seemed to be big enough to hold a head


though I have word that our baby’s head will be of a slightly reduced size at the time of birth.  Elizabeth’s fingers are crossed.  Here’s hoping!



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5 Responses to “Freecycling”

  1. Joe Rose Says:

    Where in the world did you get that blue head? And: what IS it?

  2. vagueperson Says:

    It’s glass, and it’s a head. It’s hollow. I think my dad purchased it for my brother long ago, but it serves as a hat holder for the moment, and I think you lived with it for at least a year… or maybe it was a late comer?

  3. brooke Says:

    I knew that head would be carried around by one of you kids, Now its taking on the role of 1st child stand-in!!

  4. chaneltara Says:

    Ha, I have one of those Snap and Go’s! They are MARVELOUS and much better than a bulky stroller! Hi, I’m Channelle, I saw your post on Cat’s blog page. My blog is

  5. vagueperson Says:

    I saw a friend with a jogging stroller recently, and I can only imagine how much space those huge wheels take in his apartment. It works for them, though.

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