Room 219’s Name Suggestions


Last week Eric’s students gave us suggestions for Little Cap’s real name. Only a few students suggested their own name, and there is a great variety of suggestions. Many students also drew pictures of what a kid with the specific name would look like. (Click on the photos for a closer look.)

Here’s some baby girls, note the eyelashes:


And here’s Brittany, Olivia, Adeline and Caira:


Here’s Joe (looks a bit like a politician, no?):


If we go with Brandon it seems we’ll get a police officer!:


This is one of my favorites. It’s a son named Steven, pictured on the bottom as a kid. But also pictured as a newborn in the arms of a nurse saying, “Here get your baby.” And then there’s me, lying on a bed, crying my eyes out:


And here’s the same scene with a daughter named Nariya:


Apparently not only Joe wants to be a police officer. Here’s Eric Jr. (or is it Erck?):


And then there’s Alice:


Girls:         Boys:

Brittany     James
Adeline     Steven
Olivia        Eric
Caira        Brandon
Michelle    Dameir
Trinity      Jacardo
Brooklen   Terrance
Diana        Jason
Kamren    Brett
Eve          John
Nicole      Johnson
Ericka      Sam
Alice        Tayvon
Nariya      Eddie
Jachiya     Steven
Brianna    Andrew
Marshea   Marcus
Jemiah      David
Jasmine    Ryan
Lidya        Antonio
Haley       Sammy
Alia          Erick
Diamond   Joe
Ashonti     Peter

A few of the names on Room 219’s list had already made it to our short list. So dear bloggy readers, feel free to cast your votes too.




11 Responses to “Room 219’s Name Suggestions”

  1. Cat Says:

    Hello, came across you in my tag surfer and decided to chime in, hope you don’t mind. Not that my opinion is worth a hill of beans, but I would go with an established, correctly spelled name for your (or anyone’s!) child. Little Vanassa, for example, would have to spell her name constantly for others, and spelling a name differently can make parents look uneducated. Also, I would avoid trendy names. They are likely to date a child the same way a Sherry or Linda did. No-one wants to broadcast everyone their age just from their name! And finally, if you like a nickname, give your child the full name to go with it. There’s nothing wrong with options, and to be named, say, Katie, is to make you seems childish your whole life. Out of your lists, I like:
    Olivia (but it is very popular, if that bothers you)
    Erica (spelled this way)
    Alice (this is one of my personal favorites)
    and Vanessa, spelled this way

    Steven (prefer Stephen)
    Edward (nickname Eddie)

    And I would recommend:


    Thanks for taking the time to read my comment, and good luck naming your baby!

  2. Evan Says:

    Horatio Pistachio
    Horatio Pistachiette

  3. Katina Says:

    What an awesome assignment and source of hilarious, but also inspiring, name suggestions. If you pick the name that a student suggested – do they get a prize?

    Out of these suggestions I find – Vanassa, Brooklen, Alia, and Johnson most entertaining. Was that supposed to be Aaliyah? AK & UG would surely approve of Johnson too. Wait “Jacardo” is amazing! It sounds a little like Bacardi!

    My serious two cents: for girls I like Lydia, Hanna, Eve, and Olivia. For dudes: Peter & Andrew are nice, as are Eric and Sam (for obvious familial reasons and because they are good solid names).

  4. vagueperson Says:

    Horatio Pistachio Revolta McCracken, Jr.

  5. vagueperson Says:

    Cat, these name suggestions came from my 3rd grade students in inner city Chicago. One of my students last year had the name Arkalius. His mother’s name was Arkeya.
    Another student had the name Tatannia – pronounced as Tatianna… She turned out to be a top student, too!
    There was Arliegh (boy), Travon (b), D’evian (b), Aisha (girl), Latanya (g), Tacora (g), and Raheem (b) among others.
    I don’t know what seems strange to them – this year I have David, Daniel, Bobby, Ronald, and Maurice. I also have Toval (Tuh-Vale), Jemiah, Yannet, and Valencia.

  6. Cat Says:

    Oh, I quite misread. Sorry about that.

    Psst…Go with Alice! :D

  7. vagueperson Says:

    We will probably put up a real names list later, which may include 2 or 3 of these names.

    It was interesting to me how appealing Alice was simply by the way the boy wrote it. His picture of Alice, however, did not win me over. I’m hoping our child has feet, elbows, a neck, more fingers, and arm strength.

    The hair may be quite accurate, although I’m color deficient so I can’t quite tell.

  8. bluepenguin Says:

    i really love the pictures they drew! children are amazing! i love them! i miss having kids around!

    i really love michelle saathoff. it’s so pretty!
    and i really like the name peter in general. james is always a winner too.

  9. brooke Says:

    Campbell ? for either??
    Leroy (Mark’s middle name)
    I like Joseph (but not Joe)
    Riley (either)
    Lucy (nice older name)
    Kathleen (it rolls off the tongue so nicely, but I like the shortened Kate as well)

  10. vagueperson Says:

    This post was mostly about the kids’ suggestions and wasn’t all that serious. Later we’ll blog about our serious thoughts about names and take some responses and suggestions. We welcome suggestions but hope people won’t be too disappointed if it turns out to be something else entirely!

    Of the kids’ suggested names, I don’t mind these:
    Joseph, Sam, John, Peter, Stephen, Anthony
    Adeline, Olivia, Alice

    Few of these are on the serious list (maybe 2-3)

  11. Emmy Jo Says:

    Hello! I stumbled upon this through Cat’s blog. I’m a teacher, too — first grade. :)

    My favorites from their girls’ list are Adeline, Eve, Lydia, and Alice. From the boys’ list, I like James, Edward, Steven, Samuel, and Peter.

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