Last Shot?


I am on two medications. One is called Love Knocks (aka Lovenox) and the other is called Rat Poison (aka Warfarin). They are loads of fun, but unfortunately, it’s possible that I’ve taken my last shot of Love Knocks. Hence, I’ve decided to document the process in order to entice you to try some out yourself. Sure, you’ll have to take a 24 hour plane ride without standing up once in order to qualify, but after this preview you might just think it’s worth it!

First things first, you’ll have to locate your Love Knocks fun sticks


Then peel back the decorative outer layer to reveal the excitement that awaits within

img_0577 img_0579

Definitely don’t forget the dipping sauce and serving puff


Then locate an appropriate spot to inject the Love.

This one’s been Love’d out already!


That one will do the trick.


Remove the party hat

img_0584 img_0585

When the Love Knocks, let it in, welcome it into your warm home and get ready to party


All done!

img_0591 img_0592

In our next edition, I’ll teach you how to take Rat Poison!


Seriously, I’m hoping the doctor will tell me today that I can stop taking Lovenox. It’s been 2 shots a day since Christmas day, and then all I would need to take is that little pill once a day. Here’s hoping, some more.

Update (3:24p): I called the doctor, and he said my INR level was where it needed to be. I can stop taking Lovenox and will stay at 10mg of Warfarin (I’d started at 5mg, then 5-6mg, then 7mg, then 8mg, and now 10mg). He said to get another blood test next week to make sure it stays at the right level, and then I’ll be able to wait longer and let the therapy be therapeutic.



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2 Responses to “Last Shot?”

  1. brooke Says:

    YEAH! Your poor tummy, but it is still in NO WAY compararble to what Lizzy will (happily) experience in about three more months as that last tri begins. I really hope she blogs about any quickening. I remember that real “butterfly” whoosh that texts don’t dwell on, but I remember. The textbook quickening is around 20-24 weeks. The butterfly is way before that.

  2. vagueperson Says:

    She is reluctant to bring it up, but she has talked about feeling “bubbles” lately – I don’t know if that is the same thing as a “butterfly whoosh,” but it is exciting.
    All of her pains will be more extreme; there just wasn’t anything exciting about mine. It really wasn’t bad, though. I just looked bad.

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