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I haven’t gone to many movies or rented them, for that matter, since I entered into wedding bliss. However, I am very disappointed that the local (three blocks away) Hollywood Video store is now closing.


The link above says it has nothing to do with the University purchase, and I believe it.

It wasn’t long ago that the nearby (closer) Blockbuster closed, and I was none too disappointed with that since I do not appreciate the store and thought it would bring greater success to my cherished Hollywood Video.

Now Hollywood is gone. I thought at first the demise of Hollywood may have been due to Netflix, but it seems maybe even that is now becoming obsolete as more people simply download films as rental or purchase. I can only imagine that is a small segment of the home video population, but I’m sure it’s growing steadily.

I don’t want to think too much about downloaded rentals. I cannot bring myself to do Netflix, which is somewhat irrelevant because it wouldn’t be an appropriate household decision, anyway. I wouldn’t do Netflix because I don’t think it would be an economical or healthy choice. I may not be thinking clearly, since I routinely do pay late fees. But beyond a feeling that I would watch fewer movies than I would be paying for, I really don’t like the idea of tying myself to a subscription service any more than I have to (I also really want to ditch the cell phone again). I think I have been told that it is not contractual, which is good, but I think I would nevertheless feel obligated to make use of it once I have started it. I don’t imagine it is possible in any smaller increments than one month, which would necessitate me taking precautions to not miss out on movie viewing time that I have already paid for during that month. And the idea of constantly calculating whether a continued subscription is worth it is very unappealing against the convenience of walking down the street at any time and paying a small rental fee plus any late fees.

I shouldn’t really be complaining when I live in Chicago, the home of Facets Videotheque, with “the most formidable rental catalog of world cinema in the nation,” but it’s not three blocks away…

I want convenience for sporadic video rental, great variety, and a very limited and specific charging of fees, even if I’m overpaying per rental.

I miss Hollywood Video already.


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5 Responses to “Video Rental”

  1. brooke Says:

    You are SO missing out! Besides the lonely one film at a time, you have access to ANY of the instant play at any time and it doesn’t effect the one mailed to you. And there are some great instant ones. I feel like they are free when have watched my two already, I have at least 6 in my list and I have watched two in a weekend. Its also just fun to make your list and read comments and begin rating. They are sent fast! so in summer, I could watch 8 or more in a month. And you can find old and rare titles. c,mon…….you have to educate this child.

  2. Jean Says:


  3. sunny Says:

    i felt the same way about netflix initially, especially after the first couple of times i tried it out (heh). however, i have to agree with brooke: it’s latest form i am digging. not everything is available on instant, but smaller independent and foreign offerings seem to make it to the instant collection pretty quickly. and the friend option lets you share recommendations and reviews and receive abuse from buddies making fun of your movie taste. which is fun. DO ITTT!

  4. andy Says:

    yeah, i am quite saddened that the store is closing. there’s no way to rent a movie easily now. frustrating. i also share a bit of skepticism about the whole netflix thing. don’t really want to be tied to having to watch that many movies. i may watch that many anyway, but i don’t want to have to do it. hmm. what to do?

  5. vagueperson Says:

    I’m not yet convinced about the Netflix because I watched so many more movies before I was married (or even dating) my wife, but now things have changed, and it wouldn’t be a happy change for the household to go back to the old frequency. A happy compromise between a never-movie-watcher and an always-movie-watcher is a sometimes-movie-watching family, and “sometimes” may not mean even one movie each month.
    But I can help that with a day like today, when I have work off and will venture downtown to see a movie on my own (The Wrestler). I could even have rented a movie (or 2!) on my own on a day like today. I’ve done it before, but I did it at a local video rental store, and now there is none. This sort of infrequency and surging does not fit in with Netflix, I think.

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