Calling Little Cap


It seems like the only time we remember to take pictures of the little growing life is when Elizabeth is talking on the phone with her mother. The first is from January 29, which would have been week 18, and the second is from today, week 19.

img_0608 img_0647

She has also been making things both tasty and comfy.

img_0624 img_0621 img_0642 img_0645 img_0547 img_0320 img_0316 img_0317

You might think she would be too busy making a human baby, but she is very industrious.  I’m mostly a dead weight.  But when it comes time to drop the anchor, I will earn my keep!

Looking forward to seeing little body parts on the ultrasound.  Now that I’m not taking Lovenox, I’m wondering where the bruises are coming from.  Could THIS* be the answer???

*answer: no, no kicks yet :(


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3 Responses to “Calling Little Cap”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, friends…just had to comment on the adorableness of Elizabeth being pregnant. LIttle Cap is such a little peanut! You barely look prego, and you’re already halfway there. :) Lots of love, hope ultrasound is fun! (PS: my guess is that it’s a male saathoff peanut)

  2. brooke Says:

    Is that my license in the background?

  3. vagueperson Says:

    no, your license is still on the car because I haven’t gotten a front plate mount yet, but that’s now due to my laziness, and I’ll get to it.

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