Krispy Krime! and chili


Tonight for dinner we had our friend, Ilona, over, and we ate some chili with beans.  Where I come from in Kansas we make a distinction between “chili straight” and “chili with beans.”  Here’s a snippet of chili history from the International Chili Society.

“By the fifties, everbody was talking and writing about chili. Columnist Westbrook Pegler was taken to task by chili lovers everywhere when he suggested that chili should be made with beans […] In 1952, a Texas journalist who had devoted much of his life to the study of chili wrote a book entitled With or Without Beans. His name was Joe Cooper […] ‘Originally,’ says Valdez, ‘chili was made with meat of horses or deer, chile peppers and cornmeal from ears of stalks that grew only to the knee. No beans.’”

I like my chili straight, and Elizabeth’s recipe called for 1lb of beef.  All we could buy at the store was a package with 2lbs, so I made the happy suggestion that we double the meat ratio, and it came out very meaty and very good.  It did have kidney beans in it.  And a chipotle chili.

After our bowls of chili, the adventure of the evening was ready to begin.  Ilona, a German, had stated that she had never been to Krispy Kreme, and she really needed to badly.  We were more than happy to oblige.  So off we went.

We journeyed far into the western portion of the city and felt a little lost and alone, but when we spotted the warm glow of the “Hot Now” sign and the waving American flag, we knew we were at home.

The “Hot Now” sign tells you that if you enter the building (can one call it a restaurant?) you will be handed a hot doughnut fresh off the conveyer thingy.  So, we accepted and chowed down.
img_0672 img_0673

Then, after one doughnut made us all full, we decided to purchase another 12 just to make sure there was no more space in our stomachs and that all of the fat we had burnt off that day was exceedingly replenished.
img_0675 img_0677

Ilona had a custard-filled, but Elizabeth unwisely chose the whiskey-filled.
img_0678 img_0679

After eating 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the remaining six were calling out to me.  “Eat us!” they cried.  “We only want to fill you with warmth and creamy goodness!”  I held firm and stared them down.
img_0680 img_0681

Obviously, Elizabeth and Ilona were no match for the Krispy Kreme temptation, and suffered death by doughnut.

Here are the mugshots:
img_0686 img_0687



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4 Responses to “Krispy Krime! and chili”

  1. John Says:

    I hear there’s nothing better for the health and saintliness of a baby-preparing-to-be-born (and that of his/her parents) than a couple pounds of beef and half a dozen donuts.

  2. precisewoman Says:

    It’s true, donuts are very “hole-y”.

  3. brooke Says:

    The jacket…the hat…….it was really schizty. We didn’t do that to you, did we? Was this meant to be a fod blog or prenatal blog?

  4. vagueperson Says:

    Well, in the “about” page I wrote that the blog was “to update folks regarding goings on and progress of Little Cap.”
    So, “goings on” I think involves going to Krispy Kreme and cooking banana bread, along with perhaps anything else we can think of.

    I have a personal stylist who heartily approved of my wardrobe choice that day. She did not approve, however, when I went out wearing a b&w checkered hat with that same jacket, navy blue pants, and Birkenstock sandals. It got a laugh, at least.

    I do not claim perfect mental health, but I do not like to point fingers, except at those damn voices in my head! It’s all their fault!

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