Freecycle Crib and Bubbles


Freecycle keeps on giving.  We replied to an offer for a crib and were chosen as the lucky recipients.  She told us to meet her at a storage facility near downtown Chicago.  We failed to get a picture, but as we drove up to this huge, isolated building, I asked Elizabeth, “Did she sound like a murderer on the phone?”  Without much fear, we went into the lobby to meet her.  All we found were a deskman and another fellow sitting in a chair.  It turned out he knew we were from Freecycle because he, too, was there to receive a carseat from her (another item we already got from Freecycle).  When she came down to make the handoff with him, she took us up to her storage cell with her playful daughter and pulled out all the pieces.
We also failed to get a picture of all the pieces, but here is me finishing the setup:
There were a couple of spots where the bolts had been ripped out and the holes were stripped, but it was easy to go to Ace and get some longer bolts and washers to secure those parts.  Here’s how it looks all set up:
img_0702 img_0703
Both sides go up and down easily, so there will be easy access to the baby, and the actual matress can go up and down as the baby grows in size.  I’m told they get bigger after they come out.  Elizabeth thinks it matches well with our free changing table, and now it’s all set up in the bedroom and ready to go.  Also, this woman emailed back offering us a “Pack n’ Play,” and we have accepted the offer to pick that up, as well, though I don’t know how much we really need it.

In other news, we have received nice packages in the mail with good maternity tops, and along with one package we also got this very nice decoration from the Bud and Blossom:
img_0697 img_0699

In still other news, Elizabeth has been indicating with excitement “bubbles” that she’s felt from time to time.  These have also been described as baby movement, but not “kicks.”  Stay tuned!



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