Hospital Update


Howdy folks.

Things have changed a bit.  After a routine ultrasound, we were advised to see a high-risk doctor, and our dear mother (and my DW) had to have a minor surgery to help keep Little Cap inside the comfy, cozy, and life-supporting womb.
This will now necessitate a “modified bed rest” for Elizabeth, which I’m sure will become increasingly frustrating, but will give Little Cap the best position for vitality and sufficient gestation.
Please pray for mercy, patience, and strength.  We hope to be home from the hospital tomorrow morning.  We will also post some baby pictures that we got from the ultrasounds we did.  Little Cap seems to be thriving at the moment, praise be to God.



6 Responses to “Hospital Update”

  1. brooke Says:

    I hate this helpless feeling. I am so far away and your mother should be able to fix it. I always want to fix it. At least hug you.

  2. John Says:

    Hi Friends,

    We will be praying over here. Hope to give you a call later today, too.

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Prayers with you, all three (that you can sense the closeness of God and you can rest in His care and that He will move to keep all of you safe and healthy). Post updates when you can. Lots of love.

  4. Katina Says:

    Have been thinking and praying for you both all the time. I am so relieved that Lizzy is okay and that Little Cap is healthy. Stay in that comfy warm womb Little Cap. Grow big(ger) and even more healthy.

    Please keep us posted on how things are going. Lizzy, I’ll send you some stuff to keep you entertained while flat on your back.

  5. vagueperson Says:

    Lizzy had breakfast and kept it down, and that was the last sign the doctor was waiting for to give us a discharge. We are under the impression that we’ll be going home soon..
    (10:23am now)

  6. blue_penguin Says:

    Whoa Lizzy and Eric. I’m surprised at the development, but will even more fervently pray for the Saathoffs. Argh, stay strong Lizzy and Little Cap! And Eric, I hope you’re doing ok too~ You’re the best person for Liz, and I am so grateful that you’re her husband and the father! Little Cap you have many more months so hold steady!

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