Home Again!


Greetings from home! We arrived back in Hyde Park at about 1pm today and it is wonderful to be out of the hospital. I’m feeling a whole lot better and Little Cap is still turning summersaults, so I think all is well in the womb too.

We got some pictures of Little Cap at the ultra sound. The quality isn’t great because I took pictures of the pictures. It may take a little imagination to “get the picture.” As the mother-type, I am inclined to think we have the most adorable child in the world. Please don’t try arguing this with me.

img_0745 (profile shot)

img_0743 (face and fist glamour shot)

As someone who has fainted from needles in the past, I think I did pretty well. Blood was drawn several times, amniocentisis was performed, IVs were inserted, spinal anesthesia administered and stitches inserted. I’m still no fan of getting pricked, but I think I’ve gotten over the fainting thing. Eric is the best hand holder I can imagine, he’s great at distracting and even knew just when to hold my arms down during the amnio. If you’re in the area and need someone to accompany you to the hospital, I highly recommend him. We also concluded from the experience that nurses are AWESOME. To any nurse who may be reading, you are so appreciated!

Note the thumbs up before getting blood drawn

Here’s a bright artsy picture with the IV inserted (we have a future in hand modeling)

Here’s Eric, keeping me smiling

And here’s hospital food

While the hospital wasn’t much fun, we are very grateful to have found the “incompetancy” of my cervix. We have confidence in the doctors and that the decisions we’ve made will give Little Cap every chance to stay in the womb as long as possible. Please keep praying that LC stays inside cooking for many, many more weeks.

We’ll keep you posted.


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4 Responses to “Home Again!”

  1. papou and yia yia Says:

    we are glad to hear that the Kleesto toe cervickoe went well

  2. bacho Says:

    happily things worked out there and hurrah that you’re back safe home again. and the face and fist shot is indeed quite glam.

  3. Katina Says:

    This baby belongs to someone named “Elizabeth Boosalis.” Where is the Little Cap belonging to “Elizabeth Saathoff?”

  4. vagueperson Says:

    That is a good question, and who was that fellow they were asking for at the pharmacy in Chicago – Mr. Boosalis?

    Insurance name hasn’t changed yet, and everything that goes with that.

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