I was spending some time talking to Little Cap, and Elizabeth told me she felt a kick. This wasn’t the first time. She has been feeling kicks for a week or more, and Little Cap was kicking and flipping around like crazy both times we had ultrasounds this past week. This time, though, I said something again to her belly, and she showed me where she felt it. I put my ear there to listen, as I sometimes do, and then I felt a kick right against the side of my head! I looked up smiling to Elizabeth, and she leaked a bit out of her eyes.

We are still scared and nervous. Her next appointment is a week from Monday, and we hope dearly that we won’t need to go in before then because of weird discharges or early contractions. The appointment is at 1:00pm, and Elizabeth was asking me if I could take off a half day or something. I missed two days of work last week (Thurs-Fri). Half days don’t really work very well at all, and that is the week of the ISAT – Illinois’ high stakes test – which we have been gearing up for all year. “Who will I get to take her and be with her,” I wondered… Then I decided to look at the calendar, and low and behold – it is Casimir Pulaski Day! ISAT must start on Tuesday because Chicago always takes Pulaski Day off. We will be able to go together if everything holds until then.

People from the Vineyard church have brought meals to us both yesterday and today, and we are very thankful. Some of them have said they want to come over to pray for Elizabeth, and the priest from All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church said he wanted to make a personal visit to our apartment to pray for her, as well.

Tomorrow will be her first week day at home alone. She has plenty of books, Internet, and telephones to keep her a bit busy. I hear she might take up knitting, which seems like a good idea, and I’m going to pick up some of her work and her work computer so she can do some of her work from home in bed later this week. If you’re around, though, please think of stopping by for a visit, as I’m sure that will all become boring very quickly.



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4 Responses to “Roundhouse”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    So glad the issue was discovered early on, that they were able to perform a procedure to help, and that you are home now…Hang in there, dear ones. I’ll be praying LOTS! Love Kirsten

  2. sunny Says:

    l.c. is beautiful! it’s weird how recognizable the features are–little fingers! amazing! i wish i were there to stop by, but i’m praying from here.

  3. brooke Says:

    Its all too sweet for words!

  4. Katina Says:

    I keep thinking about you guys all the time. Also, this makes me want to listen to the Sufjan Stevens song about Casimir Pulaski.

    Miss you both. Stay healthy Little Cap!!

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