Back to the hospital


After a full day of debilitating headache and very active nausea on Tuesday, Lizzy was able to relax a bit in the evening and take a bit of dinner (and it stayed down).  Then, she was woken in the middle of the night by cramps, and discovered she was bleeding – a sure sign that we should go back to the ER.  So, at 1:30am, we quickly put some clothes on and made our way to UIC hospital.

There, she was quickly taken to a room, and the resident who performed her surgery got to see and examine her before being called to the operating room.  He confirmed, after analyzing a swab, that not only was the stitch still closed, but there seemed to be no signs of amniotic fluid or infection.  Whew.

However, the attending high-risk doctor, who came to work at 7:00am, decided that it would be best to monitor Lizzy’s contractions and blood flow after some endoc… medicine I don’t remember… for 24 – 48 hours.

So I hopped in the car to get breakfast at home and then headed in to work, and hopefully Lizzy will get some more of that great hospital food (sarcasm) and be able to sleep under the care of some great nurses (not sarcasm).

One day at a time.



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One Response to “Back to the hospital”

  1. Katina Says:

    Oh no! Good call going in. Lizzy, take it easy. Love you.

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