Again, We Are Home


This afternoon we got in the car and came back to Hyde Park at about 4:30. It was a traffic-y and uneventful ride; thousands of times better than the middle-of-the-night no traffic trip to the hospital (very terrifying!).

Thankfully, everything seems to have stabilized. The doctors and nurses in the hospital were wonderful. I had visitors, flowers, phone calls, and delicious (non-hospital) food brought to me. Most of all I was able to rest knowing that lots and lots of people were praying for our Little Cap. All the support allowed me to sleep peacefully and recover from whatever it was that had caused some serious rollicking all over my torso. Thank you!

It’s great to be free from cords and tubes, and to get a quick shower before lying back down here at home. I became convinced that Little Cap was going to suffer greatly from Maternal Stench Syndrome. It seems all of the symptoms were easily scrubbed away. Whew!

Most of all, it’s great to feel Little Cap still dancing around in the womb. The doctors left us saying they had “cautious optimism”. That’s a lot better than the prognosis on Wednesday morning. Glory to God! We’ll have more of an update on Monday after the ultrasound. Please continue to pray that LC stays snug inside.



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