23 Weeks


Little Cap is officially 23 weeks today! The week-by-week baby guides also say it’s the beginning of month six. (All of that dating is really confusing to me.) More exciting is that LC weighs over a pound now and should double in weight by the month’s end. Wow!

Yesterday’s ultrasound went really well. The cerclage and the bed rest are working just as hoped and we didn’t need to start any new interventions. For now I need to stay stitched, horizontal, hydrated and out of the hospital! We have another appointment next Monday.

There was one other bit of news at the ultrasound appointment that we weren’t exactly planning on…


When we got our first ultrasound (at 21 weeks), we told the ultrasound technician that we didn’t want to know the gender. She heard that and was ready to comply. There were moments while I was watching the little capper flip around that I thought I might have seen something, but I tried my best to not be imaginative and to look away if I thought I would find something out. We left that appointment knowing nothing.

However, when we left that appointment, we were directed to go to the ER, not home. When the residents at the ER looked over our ultrasound images, one came in and asked, “So, you’re having a boy?” Not knowing anything previous to this, we told her we didn’t want to know, and she promptly shut up. Apparently, Elizabeth didn’t take any hints from this, but I sure did. After that I began using the pronoun “he” more frequently, and so did Elizabeth. After all of the messes at the hospital, we decided it would just be easier to have the gender confirmed. At our last ultrasound visit (Monday), the technician didn’t need to do anything more than a wand ultrasound to look at the cervix, but she happily showed us (and photographed) our baby’s privatest part. I had to cover the screen, however, to protect the Little Cap’s honor and dignity.

So, we have a little boy swimming around, and we hope to have a young man one day, as well. I know you’re dying to see his little peepee-doodle, but for legal reasons I must decline.



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4 Responses to “23 Weeks”

  1. Katina Thate Says:

    Hi Eric and Lizzie………

    Just want you to know we are all thinking of you “3” and praying little cap stays put and keeps growing!!! it’s fun come to this site to keep in touch with you! we are so happy for you! Just keep resting Lizzie, I know this happens sometimes during pregnancy to some, one was your cousin Rebecca with Michael!!! Who is now a handsome young 7 year old in first grade!!! Little Sofie just turned 2 ! No need for bed rest with Sofie!!!

    You take care we love you and can’t wait to meet little Cap!! (how exciting he’s a BOY!!!!

    I’m going to email your Papa (Papou) it’s his Birthday today!

    Love your Auntie Katina Thate

  2. Katina Says:

    Yay for my little nephew!!

  3. Cat Says:

    I’m so glad everything worked out okay! Congratulations on your little boy! Should make the naming process easier, since you know what flavor you’re getting. ;)

  4. brooke Says:

    A grandson! I’m happy to know. I was sure stuck on feminine names. Now I have to rethink. His goal now is to keep getting bigger…….and Lizzy, too. Sam said we knew early, too, but I didn’t remember it like that. I just thought I had great intuition. I really loved having boys. Loved that curly haired boy who wouldn’t let his daddy hug me….Eric.

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