24 Weeks and 4 Months of Netflix


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Today is a happy day because our Little Cap has made it to 24 weeks of life. While not yet at the age of maturity, he has reached the age of viability. I may be in the same boat, since I heartily enjoyed Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior two days ago, thanks to our sister-in-law’s surprise gift of Netflix (conveniently running out when the baby is supposed to arrive).

gibson1 <—– the Road Warrior, aka the Colonel

I’ve so far watched (instantly): Dr. Strangelove, Mad Max 2, The Natural, and Network. And we received our first DVD in the mail today – Andrei Rublev.

After watching movies four days in a row, I tonight (voluntarily!) put the Netflix reins into Elizabeth’s hands, where they are sure to inflict less pain on that poor, tortured Netflix pony. I knew this would happen…

Elizabeth has been secluded in what she calls “Bed Rest Central,” and I call “The Living Room Sofa Bed.” Several visitors have come, and this weekend we are expecting her mother and aunt. On the weekend of Western Easter, we expect my parents, and out of town guests will be arriving at other times in the near future. She will benefit greatly, I think.

As should be expected, we have been doing very little exploring (rather: none). My primary tasks as of late have been to keep the house in relatively decent order and to keep the gestating one fed. There’s surely something alive inside her, as I watched her tummy ripple and bulge in different places this afternoon. She may be housing an entire soccer team, though it doesn’t yet appear to be the case (in terms of capacity).



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3 Responses to “24 Weeks and 4 Months of Netflix”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Hey guys…glad that lil boy is staying put! You can do it, Lizzy!!

    Kirsten Pacheco and I were talking about coming for a visit after Western Easter, probably on a Saturday afternoon; we’d love to see you, distract you for a bit (while you stay horizontal!), and help with some stuff around the house for a few hours.

    Do you have any dates that you know would (or wouldn’t) work?

    Love Kirsten

  2. nope Says:

    Dr. Strangelove!

    Ohhh my

    And Andrei Rublev is crazy! and crazy long! and nuts!

    your only grand master friend

  3. brooke Says:

    Did Tara get the NETFLIX for you? I am so glad. So sorry you have to remain prone, but you will have such leverage in another 12 years…..and you will need it. Cant wait to see you guys…all 3!

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