Bed Rest Date Night!


After the doctor’s appointment on Monday I was a bit dismayed that the bed rest orders remained the same. Only get up for the bathroom and to “grab something to eat”. The doctor said, “You can sit up to type, but you know, not really sit up. Just prop yourself up and make sure you’re reclined.” I am longing to make dinner and wash the dishes. Yes Mama, I am longing to wash the dishes. This is getting hard! But Eric and a seemingly never-ending set of helping hands is making it absolutely doable. The hope of a healthy Little Cap (and a healthy fear of the NICU) will keep me horizontal as long as necessary. His kicks are also wonderful company throughout the day and they have gotten strong enough to not only feel, but SEE. Now that is weird. And wonderful.
Last night we ordered Thai food and watched a movie. As Eric has conveyed, I am not much of a movie type. (That may be an understatement.) However, I am now convinced that they are useful for feeling as though I’ve left the apartment, and to help a few hours go by quickly. We logged into our new Netflix account (courtesy of our Kansan siblings, thank you!) and tried out one of the “instant view” films.
We chose “The Natural”. I liked it! And not just because of the adorable batboy and charming hats.


The story revolves around a small town baseball player simultaneously making a comeback to the game and his major league debut. It also involves a bat carved from a tree that was struck by lightening, a bit of romance, and heavy use of slow motion. I love it when sports movies use slow motion. Eric gives me some good natured teasing for getting so drawn into these emotionally manipulative efforts of the film makers. He won’t change me. Movie makers of the world listen up: be it a grand slam, a hail Mary pass, a three point buzzer beater from downtown, or any other game clinching moment, please never give up on the glory of slow motion. I’m serious.
There isn’t much more to report from Bed Rest Central, but this weekend promises some very special visitors, so stay tuned for special reports.



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