25 Weeks and 1 Month of Bedrest


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We have now achieved 25 weeks of gestation.  The little fellow is kicking right along, and he will have another doctor’s visit on Monday, where we expect to hear he needs continued rest and butter (no, the butter recommendation came from Big Yia-yia).  Our major goals are 28 weeks and then 36 weeks.  Those are milestones for viability and superior health.  One month of bedrest down, possibly four months to go – ouch!

As Elizabeth informed you, representatives from the Minnesota parentals made an official visit this past weekend, and now we’re loaded with consumables.  Tonight we had a chicken, mushroom, and broccoli pasta bake that was quite tasteful.  On the weekend of Western Easter we expect the Kansas representatives.  Then a San Francisco consort on Memorial Day, a Washington D.C. contingent on the weekend of Pascha, and a wild card visitor on April 2nd.  Those dates are not in order, and I don’t think I can put them in order without thinking too hard, but that is to say – people are helping us through our months of house arrest by making visits, and we are thankful.

We’re also thankful for our gift of Netflix.  We received our first DVD not long ago, and we watched it over the course of three evenings.  It was Andrei Rublev (205 min).


We have appreciated a couple of Russian films: The Italian and The Island, and we heard this was an Orthodox themed film.  It was created in the 1960’s and had a delayed and difficult release in various cuts.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but after a single viewing we were very disappointed.


We now own The Island, and in comparing it to this film, Elizabeth noted: , “In Andrei Rublev, the monks never pray.”  While the movie seemed a jumble overall, including unnecessary violence done toward live animals, this might have been the most striking aspect of the film.  I’m sure it deserves a second viewing before receiving strong criticism, but it seemed to reflect less the life of a monk than the life of the time (15th century Russia).  Elizabeth is adamantly opposed to a second viewing at the present time, whereas I think she’s seen The Island three times (a major feat, you must understand).

Next on the list?

1. I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting: Cables, Bobbles, and Lace

2. Iron Man

3. The Art of Quilting

4. Burn After Reading

Try to guess whose movies are whose!



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One Response to “25 Weeks and 1 Month of Bedrest”

  1. brooke Says:

    Oh dear, I can heat up some things with I come!

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