Party Time at Bed Rest Central


Last Thursday my Mama and AK came to Bed Rest Central. And they BROUGHT THE PARTY! They cooked, cleaned, laundered and most importantly they entertained me to no end. There were never-ending Text Twist games, multiple movies, an audience for Little Cap’s daytime aerobics and constant conversations. We watched Roman Holiday, The Business of Being Born, and Becoming Jane. My favorite was definitely Roman Holiday, but the movies are different enough that picking a “favorite” is a little odd. I especially liked it when the princess and the reporter fought off the “plain clothes” guard at the pier. Especially when the band kept playing providing a soundtrack to the madness.

AK and Mama also filled the freezer with all kinds of wonderful to be consumed in the weeks to come. They even provided a big pot o’ Irish stew to enjoy on St. Patrick’s day. (Along with chicken wild rice soup, lentil soup, meat loaf, cake, banana bread, pasta sauce, sandwich fixings and cookies – these women could not be stopped.)

Our skills in setting the camera’s timer and posing leave a bit to be desired, but we did get this shot:


Eric even got a chance to escape while I basked in familial company. It’s a special treat since he has voluntarily joined the ranks of those on apartment arrest when not at work, church or running errands. He’s done it for the sake of my sanity, but it was really nice to know he had a chance to preserve his presence of mind too. On Sunday my Mama got to join Eric at church. While I know they were here to take care of me and the Little Cap, it was nice to know she got to see a bit of Chicago beyond the walls of our apartment.

Little Cap put on quite a show for his Yia-yia and Great Auntie flipping vigorously enough to be felt and seen.



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