27 Weeks, 2 Tax Returns and 1 Butt Sweater


Today marks week 27, hooray!


Since we failed to update last week, here’s a picture of the number 26 too.


The week-by-week websites say Little Cap has developed the sense of taste and currently has the lifetime maximum number of taste buds. Mmmm, amniotic fluid… hope it’s yummy. One week to the big 28, I can almost taste it.

This weekend I had a few brilliant moments of bed rest productivity and completed our federal and state tax returns. Never before has something so mundane made me feel so accomplished.

Saturday was a mighty social day at Bed Rest Central with visits from the Hoves and Eva. I was surrounded by conversation, it felt like everyone was talking so quickly! Country music was involved, it was great.

Yesterday I welcomed a dear visitor, Ilona,


who you might recognize from the day we together suffered death by donut (she seems to have made a full recovery). Sadly, Ilona left for her homeland today. I try to think of how excited her friends in Germany must be for her return, but that doesn’t really help. We will miss you Ilona!

Week 26 also brought about ATTACK OF THE CROCHET HOOKS.


I attempted knitting, but I found it too hard holding the needles while reclining. I picked up my crochet hooks… and then I couldn’t stop. So far, this butt-sweater/soaker/diaper-cover for Little Cap has come of it.


I’m sure there will be more, the hooks are calling to me.



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4 Responses to “27 Weeks, 2 Tax Returns and 1 Butt Sweater”

  1. Papouli Xpistikee Says:

    Is that a woolen butt-sweater/soaker/diaper-cover for Little Cap?, If so it’s gonna be reeeeaal itchy on his bottom. The difference between knitting and crochet?, I do not know, so, go with whichever works best with 100% cotton

  2. Angela Kim Says:

    hi guys…i’ve just found you here, after you identified yourself on Heidi’s blog. So I’m now keeping up with you and so glad to be doing so. we’ll be praying for you–especially for “LC” (I’ve read a number of your posts but still have not come to how you came up with that name…) and for things to progress very well for you all. Much Love! Angela

  3. Katina Says:

    Love the booty soaker. Nice work!

  4. vagueperson Says:

    Hey, Angela

    LC = Little Cap = Little Cappadocian

    Cappadocia is a location in Turkey, and there are a group of people known as the “Cappadocian Fathers.” This group is mainly Basil of Neoceasarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa. It also includes Basil and Gregory of Nyssa’s sister, Macrina, according to some.
    Because we liked the people so much and the names, we started calling the baby Little Cappadocian, which got shortened to Little Cap. We’re still not settled on a name, even though we’re now limited to boys names.

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