Spring Break at Bed Rest Central


Yesterday marked the last day of school before SPRING BREAK! Unfortunately the temperature hasn’t broken 50 degrees recently, so the lawn chair still hasn’t gotten any action. But, we did welcome the vacation with a lively game of cribbage. Our friend, Andy, came with his three person cribbage board.


I got schooled (represented by the green pegs). Eric and Andy were neck-and-neck until the last hand when Eric pulled ahead by virtue of the last crib. Thankfully, things ended amicably (represented by the handshake). I did have a few victories calling “muggins” and taking points from my opponents who failed to notice jacks in their hands matching the starter. Bwahahaha.

The excitement of spring break actually started on Thursday when Dithy came to town! (Ed’s note: Dithy = Meredith)


She’s checking out law school ’round these parts and we got to host her before she joined the “admitted students” festivities. We had Indian food and she got to spend the night in Bed Rest Central. I hope the imprint of my body hasn’t made it uncomfortable for those who aren’t five feet tall with enormous tummies. Meredith plans to stop by again on Sunday before heading back to Minneapolis. Today, I need to tighten my arguments for coming to school in Chicago…

Eric slept in this morning, but beyond that he hasn’t started spring break in a relaxing manner. Instead he’s taken apart one of our rocking chairs and is handily gluing it back together.



The chair’s joints had been getting rickety for some time now. While I haven’t sat in it for almost 7 weeks, the noises I heard and concerned questions from guests taking a seat assured me that something needed to be done. It’s one thing for a chair to crumble beneath you, and an entirely different one for it to occur while rocking a baby. Hopefully liberal amounts of Titebond, clamps, and rubber mallet action are ensuring nothing of the sort will happen.

Little Cap seems increasingly active these past few days. However, he did not seem a fan of staying up late (11pm) with Meredith on Thursday night. That is, he convinced his Mama to nap from 8:30 until noon on Friday morning. Get it while I can, eh?



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