28 Weeks, 2 Doctor’s Visits, and 6 Pounds of Beef


Yesterday marked 28 gestational weeks which is a HUGE milestone. The third trimester begins – YESSSSS!!!


On Monday we made a visit to the doctor’s. Just like Pulaski day, we lucked out and Eric’s spring break allowed it to be an entire family event. Little Cap’s heart beat is still chugging along in the 140s, just right. My blood pressure was nice and low, and the (incredible) growth of my tummy seems to be right on target. We also passed the gestational diabetes test, whew! Bed rest is tough. Bed rest without (or really limited) ice cream… that would be REALLY tough.

Unfortunately, the bed rest remains – up only for the bathroom and an exciting doctor’s visit every two weeks. While my body hasn’t rejected the stitches, it’s still gradually changing towards a more “ready to give birth” state. The doctor was quite encouraging and said, “Bed rest is working, keep doing what you’re doing!” The further we get along the more transparent the doctors are in communicating that they’re surprised we’ve gotten this far. There were doubtful days for us too, but we are very, very thankful. Keep on cookin’ LC!

On Tuesday morning Eric made a trip to Oak Park for a doctor’s visit of his own. The doctor sent a referral for him to have an ultrasound on his leg to check for any DVT (blood clot) signs or symptoms. We’ll let you know when we hear anything back. Judging from our general practitioner’s track record, it could be awhile.

While there was plenty of reason to celebrate yesterday, Eric has not been relaxed. Instead he has been industrious with two-store grocery shopping and lots of cooking. He’s made a gigantic pot of chili:


And a two pound meat loaf (it smells a lot better than it looks):


Bed rest hasn’t eliminated our love for the Low Budget Vegetarian cookbook, but it has increased our intake of calorie dense foods that are high in iron. And what could be better than 6 pounds of beef lovingly prepared and ready to be heated when school starts again? Nothing I know of.

Today promises a 35,000 mile check up for the car and lots of laundry. Don’t fret. The real spring break excitement will commence on Thursday with the Kansan parentals coming to visit. We’re excited!



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One Response to “28 Weeks, 2 Doctor’s Visits, and 6 Pounds of Beef”

  1. Andy Says:

    Yay for 28 weeks!!! We should seriously celebrate.


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