29 Weeks, 2 Visitors From Kansas and 1 Pedicure


Hiya, Internets. Hopefully we’ll fall into a pattern better than weekly updates, but frankly, not a lot happens here at BRC to report on.

Time does pass, though, and today marks 29 weeks! This week’s number brought to you by pony beads and Pitsco.


Tonight, we updated the bed rest wall of motivation to reflect the actual number of weeks we’ve been bed resting. When we started at week 21 it, was a terrifying time spent mostly in the hospital. Cheery construction paper was just too optimistic. We’re in a much less scary place now and have made up for it on the wall:

img_0857 img_0856

img_0858 img_0863

While gestational weeks are counted on Tuesdays, bed rest weeks begin on Wednesdays. Tomorrow we will have completed 8 weeks of bed rest. Best case scenario is that we have the cerclage removed at 36 weeks without complications before that, which means that the MOST we could be on bed rest is 7 more weeks. This means we are over half way done with bed rest!!!

Eric’s spring break week ended with a visit from the Saathoff parentals who drove up from Kansas. They arrived on Thursday and started things off just right, filling us with tasty wraps and black beans and rice.

On Friday I had to spend a few hours editing. The rest of the crew headed up to Gethsemane Garden Center to find some root starter. Sam had the brilliant idea of starting clippings of some of the ivy on campus. We have some clippings that we hope to get roots out of and then be able to transfer to soil and perhaps even see it crawl up the wall. That would be awesome.


The jetsetters then waited in line for over an hour to get lunch at Hot Doug’s. While I’ve only been to Hot Doug’s once, I contest that it’s well worth an hour plus wait. The restaurant’s tag line is, “There are no finer words in the English language than ‘encased meats’, my friends.” If that doesn’t do it for you, they serve french fries and, on weekends, those fries are fried in duck fat. And they are so good. Apparently Eric had a rattlesnake sausage while the others tried something a little more tame. All reported taste sensations.

On Friday night, Eric and Brooke went to Vespers at All Saint’s while Sam helped me satisfy a bi bim bop and kimchee craving. It was oh so tasty.

Saturday involved a lot of cleaning on the part of our guests (thank you!), relaxing and being entertained by yours truly, a new couscous recipe I was glad to taste test, and ice cream.
We even stole a few shots of our guests.


Please note that our newly repaired chair is in action. It is reported to be comfy and I attribute that to the pampering it received. Here’s Eric giving that chair a pedicure.


The chair prefers Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Originally the chair got the nail polish treatment on the seat to make sure any splintery spots from repair crisis #1 wouldn’t bother precious bottoms. But when that seemed to leave the surface of the chair darker than before, even after drying, Eric tried it out on the chairs runners where steam had discolored them severely. And that pedicure worked. The runners are looking better than ever.

The week at BRC started off with an exciting visit from Athaliah, who brought imported fruit salad. And by “Imported Fruit Salad” I mean a mix of gummy candy that doesn’t have the overly chemical taste of American artificial flavoring.


It really is a good thing I passed that gestational diabetes test.

Tomorrow brings visitors from DC. I am loving all this visitor excitement and it seems Little Cap likes it too. At least he has continued to be a very obedient boy, remaining in utero and happily kicking away. We’re praying for eight more weeks of cooperation! Here’s a shot of me and Little Cap in an un-staged moment at Bed Rest Central:




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4 Responses to “29 Weeks, 2 Visitors From Kansas and 1 Pedicure”

  1. ya ya brooke Says:

    It was such a great visit! You guys are coping nicely with BRC and I loved the factual way you have made this a new norm. Bad pic of me. Didn’t you take 2? Miss all 3 of you already!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Happy Triduum, Lizzy + Eric (and visitors Lila + John)! Thinking of you four (five!) with joy..


  3. Heidi Says:

    I’m glad everything is going well! Praying for 8 more weeks for you. Please let us know if you need anything; we’d love to help:)

  4. ya ya brooke Says:

    I heard you used a knife torture on John!!! POOR POOR JOHN

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