Lupus??? Oh, not that kind


The doctor got results from a blood test he had ordered.  At first he thought that the results might be false because I was supposed to have stopped taking warfarin about two weeks before this particular test (I don’t think he told me this).  After consulting the specialist he’s sending me to, he told me that the warfarin would not affect that result and that I should actually not stop taking it.

He mentioned on the phone that I tested positive for “lupus anticoagulant.”  Then he said, “Have fun with that!”  No, he didn’t say that.  He’s sending me to a specialist in pulmonology.  Elizabeth and I can only guess they specialize in these blood issues because people get pulmonary embolisms from blood clots.  My appointment with Dr. Margolis is scheduled for next Friday morning, though I’m hoping to get a late appointment time after someone else cancels so I don’t have to miss any school.

It was easy to sort of forget about all of this and take the pill while Elizabeth and Little Cap have been in more prominent need of care and attention lately.  Guess we’re turning it up to 11. :)



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3 Responses to “Lupus??? Oh, not that kind”

  1. ya ya brooke Says:

    I don’t understand what the 11 refers to. You guys just don’t give mom a break, do you. Now I have to look up all this, too. I guess it would explain everything happening with your leg.

  2. vagueperson Says:

    turning it “up to 11” is a reference to Spinal Tap. What I’ve read online goes along with what the doc says – the results shouldn’t be accurate if the patient was taking warfarin, which I was. Also, the diagnosis isn’t given until the tests are repeated over the course of 6-12 weeks.

  3. YA YA Brooke Says:

    Ok, I STILL haven’t watched Spinal Tap. Woe is me. Yep, I was reading it the same way when I was looking at it…..and this dr is not cognitively organized well. He can’t seem to remember details or want to read further back in your history or something. SO are you still going to see another specialist?

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