30 Weeks, Flavor Tripping and Papa Training


We’re massively late this week with our “weekly update”, but… Tuesday marked 30 weeks! Eric created the number this week. If he ever tries to tell you he’s not artsy-crafty remind him of this photo and prove him wrong. This is some serious construction paper/elmer’s glue skill:


Next thing I know he’ll be off to scrapbooking conferences.

The baby growth news at 30 weeks is all about fattening up and maturing lungs, eyes and brain. Little Cap might be 3 pounds by now which is pretty exciting. When I get up from bed to shuffle over to Bed Rest Central my legs sometimes don’t realize all they have to hold up. I stand up, grab the crib and have to sit back down on the bed until they can figure it out. It’s weird. But, I figure it must mean he’s getting BIG. And that’s definitely good.

We had a check up on Monday and all looks good. Little Cap’s growth is surprisingly on target and my blood pressure is still low. He also gave a friendly kick to the midwife while she was listening to his heart beat. It was awesome. After the appointment I was a little concerned with what my labs might show this week. John brought a delicious Polish poppy seed roll at Pascha and I had been eating big hunks of it (one at lunch right before the appointment). Hopefully I won’t look like a drug addict when they check whatever it is they check.

One of Eric’s coworkers was fascinated by the “Miracle Fruit” and bought some miracle fruit pills to try. She shared them with the third grade team and sent an extra home with Eric so I could try the sweet sensation. (Eric’s coworkers have now provided me with cookies and magic pills… these people are awesome!)
Miracle Fruit is actually a berry, Synsepalum dulcificum. If you let the pill form dissolve on your tongue it causes sour things to taste sweet. The effect lasts about 15-30 minutes. Apparently the first Western discovery of the fruit was by the explorer Chevalier des Marchais in 1725 in West Africa. Rumors abound that the FDA shot down attempts to market the fruit as a sweetener without caloric value. Something about a strong sugar lobby.

We pulled out foods we thought might be affected by the pill (which is really just the berry in freeze-dried form); orange, carrot and green apple. (We didn’t try the raisins, I guess they’re just there to look pretty.):


And the “flavor tripping” began:

img_0939 img_0940

It was certainly amusing, but I can’t say I liked the taste. Both the orange and the apple tasted like candy. But not in a delicious way, more like a syrupy aftertaste. The taste of the carrot wasn’t affected much. If I were to try it again I think I’d like to try it with something like lemonade without any sugar. About half way through my portion of the apple I had the horrible idea that the affects could somehow be permanent. Of course, they weren’t, but imagining a life of lame candy instead of fruit was pretty horrendous.

Since Eric is the only dishwashing resident of our fair abode, he has taken to wearing a dish towel over his shoulder quite often. I’ve mentioned before that he’s forgotten to take it off (see above photo), but he calmly responds that he’s in training for burp cloths.
His training has also been musical and literary recently. He sang through the entire lullaby book (with accompaniment cd):


And he’s started Little Cap’s first chapter book read-aloud Little House in the Big Woods:


That’s about all the news here at Bed Rest Central. Restrictions will be reevaluated at 32 weeks and we will also actually start our childbirth education classes then. That is, as long as things stay calm until then. Grow Little Cap grow!



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One Response to “30 Weeks, Flavor Tripping and Papa Training”

  1. Heidi Says:

    You have a great sense of humor, Lizzy! I’m glad you are doing so well. I bet you are looking forward to bedrest reevaluations! I hope they start letting you get up soon. Looks like you’re having all kinds of visitors and goodies. Magic pills, what’s next?!

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