I’ve Gone Crackers!


Many weeks ago, when eating was a nauseating challenge, my Mother recommended eating lots of snacks. Dining hall life stripped me of a desire to snack. I prefer eating really large meals. (And eating them with great big “Papou bites.”) My tendencies were not compatible with morning sickness.

My Mama suggested taking some fruit and yogurt in addition to my lunch. Blech. Anything sweet sounded gross. “How about cheese and crackers?” she offered so patiently. Bingo. That sounded GOOD. And nothing had sounded good, except turkey sandwiches with white bread.

I fell into a wonderful habit of bringing cheese and crackers along with me to work everyday. I would manage to get breakfast down and then I ate the snack at 10:30 which actually made it easier to swallow lunch. When the hospital visits commenced morning sickness was long gone, but I had kept up the cracker habit. Bed rest discombobulated everything, but third trimester hungriness has brought the crackers back.

The crackers were the same everyday: my all time favorites, Triscuits.


Once while vacationing in the Turtle Racing Capital of the World I consumed an entire box of Triscuits in one sitting. Along with several glasses of milk and a thick stack of old Archie comics. This is more impressive when you realize that I was probably 7 or 8 years old at the time. (Probably the same year I ate a record setting 14 Swedish meatballs.) I realize now that this probably bothered my family. It’s the only time I remember ever having truly “spoiled” my appetite for dinner. It was also probably annoying because other people might have wanted some Triscuits.

Honestly, my morning sickness mending crackers weren’t really Triscuits. I actually paired my sharp cheddar with “A-Tasket”s.

Note: This is NOT my photo. I’ve never tried cheese out of a can and I do not like Cream Soda.

A-Taskets taste just like Triscuits and cost about one-third as much. Before Little Cap joined us, Eric and I got into a good habit of planning a week’s worth of meals on Saturday and then grocery shopping on Sunday, which eliminated the need for middle-of-the week trips and kept us from excessive spending. We are a two store family, each week hitting Hyde Park Produce for produce and any deli needs, and then making our way to Save-A-Lot for most everything else.

Save-A-Lot is fun because almost everything there is Save-A-Lot brand. However, unlike some “store brand” stores the products don’t shout “Save-A-Lot.” Instead, they’re cleverly disguised. Some simply look like a brand you’ve never seen before, but others are made to look like their name brand counterparts. Like A-Taskets. “A-Tasket” makes you think “A Tisket” which sounds a lot like Triscuit. They’re clever, those Save-A-Lotters, and I think they’re funny.

Unfortunately, someone seems to have thought differently. I haven’t seen evidence at the store since bed rest has forced Eric to enter the grocery jungle all by his lonesome, but it appears that my A-Taskets are GONE. They’ve been replaced by “J. Higgs Woven Wheats”.


Woven Wheats? Where did they get such a lame moniker? Even canned tomatoes at Save-A-Lot are prefaced by their “brand name” of “Diane’s Garden”. And my beloved crackers can’t get more than “J. Higgs”?

I searched the internet to no avail. I can’t tell if Nabisco had some kind of issue with the name A Tasket. I can’t bring myself to think that the powers at Save-A-Lot changed such a sweet cracker name without cause. And I like to believe that whatever the reason was, they went down fighting.

Uh… not a lot is going on here at Bed Rest Central. I suppose that’s evident from my interest in cracker names.
We have had some wonderful visits. Claire came to visit me so Eric could escape with Anthony and introduce him to sushi. And Zhao and Ethan came bearing kabobs, lentils, baba ganoush, salad and dolmades. So tasty, and wonderful company too! The crochet hooks have gotten more action, and the librivox library of audio books has proven a wonderful tool to pass the hours.

Eric’s Spanish studies continue, and I learned this evening that the word for “hope” and the word for “wait” are the same thing in Spanish, “esperar”. Bed rest in one word!

Little Cap and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so there’s sure to be another update soon.



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3 Responses to “I’ve Gone Crackers!”

  1. Katina Says:

    Oh man! I really miss those Archie comics and that window seat at the cabin. This post really “cracked” me up. Get it?!

  2. YiaYia Margie Says:

    I’m glad that at 32 weeks of pregnancy you are still taking Papou bites rather than Princess bites and then exclaiming “I’m tuffed.” We can’t wait to join you for a cheese and cracker snack on our next Hyde Park excursion. Love, Mama

  3. Heidi Says:

    I am so sorry that you no longer have your beloved “A-Taskets” but you do write a very funny blog about crackers! Target (which happens to be my favorite store) has good store brand Triscuits (which I also love!) but I don’t think they have a clever name either…

    Hope you get good reports at the dr.’s tomorrow!

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