33 Weeks and 1 New Name Idea



Happy 33 weeks! I made this week’s as a representative of the family. The male three representing me has quite a bit less facial hair, and the baby representing Little Cap is already wrapped in a blanket while still in the womb.

Elizabeth was telling me how she was going to get to see a picture of our son tomorrow, and I expressed disappointment at the idea that we wouldn’t be able to see all of him in the ultrasound. While I could take a picture of all of him were he outside the womb, she told me she would rather not have him out as May 13 would be a bad birthday – she much prefers June. I remembered that the due date is June 30, and mentioned how it could be in July, and then I suggested that we could call him “July.” I reminded her of other good month names – May, April, August, June, and she mentioned her friend from school, January. She said she thought “July” was a bit feminine, so I agreed we could save it for a girl. Then Elizabeth suggested that we get creative with the spelling.

Her try: Ja’lie (as in “D’you lie?”)

My win: Jeweleye

It has everything you want in a name – real world meaning and an “e” for every other letter!
Now, we’ll just have to get her interested in BB guns…



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