Baby Pictures and Good News


Today we got our fourth look at Little Cap. Four ultrasounds is a lot, but I have to remind myself that it’s pretty minimal for “high risk.”  The appointment was at 3:15. Our friends Meredith and Quinn gave me a ride and Eric did his best rushing from work.

The ultrasound was unfortunately over before Eric arrived. However, the technician must have noticed me frantically texting the room number to Eric at the beginning because she left to “consult with the doctor” for quite some time. It had me worried, but it was just the right amount of time for Eric to arrive and then to take a few more pictures.

On top of humoring the Papa-type, our technician also got to deliver good news. Little Cap is looking healthy and my cervix is still closed. His estimated weight is 5 pounds! Of course, that could be off by a good bit. But, 5 lbs is the 53 percentile, so if it’s off some in either direction, we’re still in a very good range. He appears to have just the right amount of fluid around him, and he’s head down. All kinds of giddy relief going on here at Modified Bed Rest Central.

A profile:


And his face:


We’ll be back to the doctor on Monday and will surely update then. Tomorrow we welcome Yiayia and Papou Boosalis!



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2 Responses to “Baby Pictures and Good News”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Look at that cute little profile! I am so glad everything is going well. Don’t worry about all the ultrasounds; I was high-risk with Zakkai and had about 5. I think they overdid it, for sure, but I got some good pics of my baby:)

  2. Kirsten Says:

    You’re almost there, guys! I’m praying for you out here in suburbia, and I’m still hoping to get in for a visit before this little one arrives. Will e-mail Lizzy.

    Love Kirsten

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