34 and 35 weeks


There is so much to update. I expected Elizabeth to blog about some of these things, such as her release from bed rest, but I guess her release from bed rest has released her ability or enthusiasm for blogging, as well!

(made by YiaYia Boosalis to represent her daughters)

A couple weekends ago, the Boosalis parents visited.

IMG_0984 IMG_0985

That was during the two weeks when Elizabeth was allowed up 3 hours each day. So we went to church, out to sushi and pizza (different nights):


We also received a shipment of diapers that weekend:


Elizabeth tried teaching LC about country music:


And the pregnant one bid farewell to Bed Rest Central:

IMG_1037 IMG_1039

At the next doctor’s visit, Dr. Ahn said “you’re free as a bird,” and Bed Rest Central was put to rest. Yippee!

After a short work week, the Boosalis grandparents and Miner aunt came for another visit. This time Papou Boosalis opted against sushi and we tried the Chicago Brauhaus, instead, for some German food. It was much more to his liking.


We came home at some point and had a laptop-off. I think I won. You can see the pain on my face – “no pain, no gain.”

IMG_1118 IMG_1126
IMG_1124 IMG_1127

It is Boosalis tradition to go to the Original Pancake House in Hyde Park. I have enjoyed this place a few times, but I tire of the wait and don’t think it’s worth the cost. I suggested another location, Daley‘s, and I think it was much liked, as well. It has a richer local history (perhaps the oldest eatery in Chicago – and Greek!).

IMG_1129 IMG_1132

IMG_1138 “Don’t touch my food or I’ll propeller your nose!”

Then the sisters and the cousins said “adieu.”


And it was soon thereafter 35 weeks!

IMG_1056 IMG_1057

Stay tuned. Elizabeth will be making a post soon, methinks.



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One Response to “34 and 35 weeks”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Congratulations on 35 weeks!! These last 5 weeks are going to go by so much faster now that you’re up and around all the time! Hope you’re feeling good. You look great!


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