36 Weeks and a Very Social Weekend


Last Tuesday we hit 36 weeks, but in all the excitement of post-bed rest life, the number wasn’t made until today:


Eric, the number maker, filled you in on our date on Friday, but did not mention that the excitement began earlier in the week when Little Cap received a package from his Yiayia Saathoff. He’s got a new portable bassinet/crib and some diapers. Unfortunately, he also has goofy parents who diapered his sock monkey and let the stuffed animal try out the pack ‘n play in advance.



Before the date on Friday my dear friend Jean came for a visit. We went out to the park and soaked in a whole lot of sun. Jean also enlightened me regarding the statue in the pool of water at Harold Washington Park. The pool of water (that always seems to be locked up) is actually a “Model Yacht Basin.” I guess that means it’s a place for miniature boats? I’ve only seen ducks in the water, since they can get past the locked gates.

The statue in the middle of the basin was a gift from the Clinton family who bought it in 1998 and moved it from the Ravinia Festival to be repaired by the sculptor, Virginio Ferrari. The statue was completed in Hyde Park in 1974. We thought it was an interesting story; a gift to the city plopped down by the Clintons in Obama’s neighborhood in 2007. Turns out the “Clinton Family” mentioned on the plaque isn’t the political one, but the owners of the Regents Park apartments just north of Harold Washington Park. More can be read here.

Saturday started quietly with pancakes, bacon and eggs. But it only picked up from there! We set off on a walk to regain some post-bed rest leg strength and to encourage gravity to assist Little Cap in his decent as much as possible. It turned into a bit more of a walk than I expected as we ventured into Jackson Park and found all kinds of fun.

It all started with several families of baby geese. Even aggressive and messy geese can look pretty cute as babies.


Then we crossed the Clarence Darrow Memorial Bridge. The bridge seems to be devolving right now.




Then it was on to the Japanese Garden, complete with a waterfall and GIGANTIC fish flopping in the water.



IMG_1117 <– (zoom in for fish!)

From there we made it to the butterfly sanctuary. A nice family on their way out told us they only saw one butterfly but that the flowers smelled really good, so we ventured in. We didn’t spot any butterflies, but we’ll have to return. The entire area is full of milkweed. I can’t wait to see the monarchs!



And indeed, there were strange marbled flowers with a lovely scent.


From there we walked to “The Republic“, another statue with an interesting story (see plaque).



After that we walked to the driving range…


And I used the bathroom.


Next up was the bird watching area. There were more huge fish flipping around in the water, and what Eric thinks was a water snake. Unfortunately we only got a picture of rippling water. Unlike the butterfly sanctuary we saw a lot of birds, including an oriole. And daisies!




On the way home we crossed another bridge with fishermen on one side (who were pumping love songs from their car radio, Eric thinks this must be a fish luring technique) and boaters on the other.



After our long walk we had lunch and then headed to an Intervarsity reunion that was part of alumni weekend. We then cleaned out the car (no more stepping on spelling tests!), and went to a birthday dinner at Pizza Capri. This morning we went to church, lunch and grocery shopping. And now I am exhausted. Tuesday will be full term!



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4 Responses to “36 Weeks and a Very Social Weekend”

  1. Jean S Says:

    Hey Boosalis thanks for doing some research on the sculpture! Also I am glad to see that the monkey is being used in such educational ways.

    I had a great time seeing you!

  2. vagueperson Says:

    Jean are you talking to Mikey? Who’s “Boosalis”? ;-)

  3. Jean S Says:

    Sorry Sorry after years of calling Lizzy by her last name I’ve had a hard time giving it up. Besides it is such a spectacular name I figure it could be replaced and used as a first name as well.

    Examples being:


    Though I don’t know how Chris and Margie would feel about me re-first naming their daughter

  4. precisewoman Says:

    Seestadt, I think that’s totally legit and I fully approve. Katina and I have discussed the pros and cons of saddling a child with the first name “Boosalis”.
    My name shows up with two last names at the doctor/hospital. A technician taking my blood at one appointment thought my first name was Boosalis. Once I corrected him it was pretty clear he didn’t think it would be a good first name, but he didn’t think it was too outrageous.
    Of course, there are difficulties with this, like the time I said “hey Seestadt” in a room FULL of your family.

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