37 Weeks and the Last Day of School


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Tuesday marked 37 weeks of pregnancy, which means that we are officially full term. Little Cap will not be premature, though that doesn’t mean that he will necessarily escape the NICU. On Thursday we had our second meeting with our new midwife, Kathleen, and she went ahead and scheduled us for two more appointments (up to 39 weeks).


Today (Friday) was the last day of school for this academic year. The way it works in Chicago is that Thursday the kids don’t come to school and then on Friday they come for one hour to say goodbye and pick up their report cards. It’s kind of a silly structure, in my opinion, but if a teacher is swamped I can see how it would really help to have a free day to work on grades before the report card needs to be printed

All year the students had been hearing about our hospital adventures. They wrote Elizabeth a book of recommendations called “What To Do Out of Bed” for when she got off bedrest. Toward the end of the year there was dependably at least one student who would ask how she was during morning meeting. So, for this last hour of school she came in with me and interacted with them quite a bit. They didn’t have as many questions for her as I expected, but they asked her things about what they were familiar with. After that she played hangman with the class while I distributed some extra books. The kids left at 10:00, and the teachers had to stick around until 11:30, so we moseyed around until the end had come.

Later in the afternoon, some of the teachers were holding a teacher get-together, so the both of us went to that, too. It was quite a lot of fun. Teachers don’t get a lot of time to interact with one another at work – most spend almost the entire day without adult interactions – so it’s a lot of fun when we can just relax and be ourselves with our colleagues. We had hamburgers, chicken, scallops and more, and I hope we do it next year, too.

Now that the year is ending, I’m wondering what to do with myself. Of course, I know what I’ll be busy with soon, but he’s not here yet. Right now I’m sitting around in the evening without anything to prepare, and tomorrow morning will be my first morning of summer, and I’ll probably wake up feeling restless and a bit aimless.

The due date is June 30, and it’s June 12. We’re going to go for a walk in a little bit to feel a bit better after all that eating but also to try and get things moving… John and Lila’s wedding is on July 12, so now would be a great time to have Little Cap enter the external world and get a little settled in order to take our first family vacation. If the timing doesn’t work out, we’ll probably make our way some time later, which might be more fun (in a different kind of way).

Summer is upon us, and I’ve only made one serious plan for the summer.  What do I do until then?




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7 Responses to “37 Weeks and the Last Day of School”

  1. Unbended firmness #1 Says:

    I’m guessing by the last picture that your “one serious plan” for the summer thus far is to make a baby-holding unit for yourself?

  2. vagueperson Says:

    That baby-holding unit is called a Moby Wrap, and we got it as a gift from one of Elizabeth’s family friends in Minneapolis. Though, from the looks of it one could make one pretty easily, I think.

    The “one serious plan” is related but a wider umbrella = learning how to be a papa.

  3. lilagreer Says:

    i join you in thinking that RIGHT NOW would be the perfect time to have this baby. my siblings and their future brother in law and i had a rousing conversation about baby names over dinner last night and your selections were much applauded. even if they didn’t know about the eponymous Great Father Among the saints.
    we’re really looking forward to everything that’ll soon transpire, although there’s lots of labors to go through too before then.

    in the meantime, i hope that you can find enough to do. it’s not very helpful to say, but i sure wish that were my problem this summer.

  4. vagueperson Says:

    We’ve got plans to visit the thrift store, search out a food-grade bucket for sauerkrauting, finding a hands-free diaper pail, possibly grocery shopping, and Vespers.

    So we’ll put in lots of walk time and see what happens…

  5. brooke Says:

    I forgot to tell you that you should be getting a package! In my elation with the new camera, it wasn’t in my mind. It was mailed Weds,I think. SHould be some laughs inside. Can’t wait to see you.

  6. MoDLin Says:

    Happy to hear that you folks now are fullterm. That’s the best news. Now the waiting game begins…. it could take a while. How about doing some cooking and saving meals in the freezer? They will come in handy after the baby arrives and you haven’t got the energy or brain power to figure out what to eat.

  7. vagueperson Says:

    We’re looking over old meal plans. Fortunately, we have some great community friends with church, and people have been _super_ supportive as far as bringing meals, etc. Parents are helping out with that, as well.

    We saw some advice about making a meal plan with mostly non-perishables (which is not our style) so that things won’t go bad in the fridge whenever it happens. That’s what happened when we ended up in the emergency room the first time. Just made the grocery run before 3-6 nights in the hospital!

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