… project #2


For our second project, Elizabeth suggested that the bookcases that we had could be condensed by a combination or purging and recreation.

IMG_1233 (notice 4)

She noticed an abandoned old bookshelf downstairs that she thought I might be able to somehow salvage.

I decided to take a look. The sides of the bookshelf were made of particle board that was rotting on several ends. The shelves themselves, however, were solid wood and had a back support of solid wood, all still in relatively good condition. It was all nailed together, and she mentioned it would be good to be able to take our bookshelves apart should we decided to move.


I took my trusty rubber mallet and walloped the boards apart and then used a regular hammer to tap the old nails out. Elsewhere in the basement there was an old bed dismantled and up for grabs for scraps, so I found two boards of similar width and almost exactly the same height as the old bookshelf sides and brought the whole mess upstairs to our living room.


I used mostly the same holes from the nails and screwed the shelves back into places, now with new, solid wood sides. The back brace that was already a part of this bookshelf is what a couple of my previous bookshelf attempts were sorely lacking. It provides a great support to prevent lateral movement (or collapsing, as the case may be).

Forward and backward movement is restrained by little feet I put on the bottom of the front side to keep it from tipping if some crawling hands grab at it for some casual pull-ups.

And the new bookshelf:

IMG_1238 IMG_1239 (now only 3)

Done and done.



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One Response to “… project #2”

  1. kristy Says:

    Looks great. I love hearing about your projects. Especially using free/found materials. :)

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