39 Weeks and Just Waiting



On Tuesday it was 39 weeks, and my parents were in town, so my mother added to our wall of numbers with this shiny, ribbony 39. My folks were in town from Saturday to Wednesday morning, and we had a lot of fun. We went to the Garfield Park Conservatory among other things, which is a very nice place to see exotic plants.

IMG_0028 IMG_0034

Still, they were hoping to come and see their new grandson, but he has yet to arrive. Elizabeth has experienced a few contractions and some general crampy-ness, but nothing that has lead to labor, obviously. The due date is quickly approaching, and we have two different bags packed – one for during labor and the other for after. Due date is Tuesday, June 30, but maybe he’ll be a July baby. My brother was born on July 4th.

Despite the heat, I have been baking happily since school ended. Here are a couple of teasers. I hope to give a full description of Saathoff Sourdough in the near future. Though, I’d rather just give you baby pictures.

IMG_1304 IMG_1328



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2 Responses to “39 Weeks and Just Waiting”

  1. clairenadine Says:

    The suspense is killing me.

  2. Katina Says:


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