40 Weeks and Fully Fermented


Today is Little Cap’s due date. So far he doesn’t seem any more interested in coming out than he has in previous days. Eric made another number, and I’m hoping this is the last photo of our number wall:

IMG_1350 IMG_1352

It is amazing that he’s made it this far and we are very thankful. However, I’m not too surprised. At 36 weeks our midwife said, “Ah, lots of our cerclage patients go overdue. Mark my words.” (Or something similarly predictive.)

We started the day with celebratory chocolate chip pancakes, but I guess a sugar rush isn’t what will propel him out.


Then we traveled to Gordon Food Services Marketplace (GFS) and got 50 pounds of flour. I think GFS is great fun. The actual store is quite small, nothing like a Sam’s Club or Costco. But everything on the shelves is BIG. Have you ever wanted a gallon of soy sauce or red wine vinegar? Your own artificial popcorn flavor? Or ten pounds of potato salad in an over-sized milk carton? Yeah, me neither. But it sure is cool to look at. And the flour is a great deal. After Little Cap is born we won’t have to leave the house; we can just sit around eating bread all day!

IMG_1354 IMG_1383

Eric has started another loaf of bread and is carefully documenting the process. Unless things start now and move quickly, it seems bloggyland will receive a Saathoff Sourdough Saga before baby pictures.

We are increasingly eager. Thankfully, the edge has been taken off of the waiting a bit by the completion of the sauerkraut project! We moved the kraut-to-be from the big green bucket to smaller jars when the apartment started smelling a bit too ripe. At that point it was still tangy cabbage and not really sour yet. However, upon the most recent tasting, Eric has declared it sauerkraut and has been snacking away. The oddities of pregnancy have left me uninterested in tasting it so far, but it does smell good and it sure looks right:


While at GFS a large party pack of Johnsonville Brats called to us from a refrigerated case. This means we now have 18 brats, three jars of homemade sauerkraut and a new loaf of sourdough on the way. I am very eager to meet our son. But, if he and my uterus want to wait until the bread is done and the brats are cooked before contracting and eliminating my appetite… I’m going to be okay with that.



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