One Exciting Day!


Basil is one week old today, and what has he been up to?

He got a bath


He took his first visit outdoors since leaving the hospital

IMG_1574 IMG_1576

He took a nap with his papa


He tried out his new parent carrier

IMG_1565 IMG_1566

And he’s generally been putting on the pounds, er, ounces


Before today he has been involved in other fun activities as well:

He practiced his photograph pose with his papa and the camera timer

IMG_1176 (please zoom in…)

And he lost his umbilical cord stump!


What a kid!

IMG_1556 IMG_1561

IMG_1558 IMG_1562




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One Response to “One Exciting Day!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Lizzy! I think I just read your entire blog tonight while waiting for a certain 3 year old girl to fall asleep. You amaze me with your good spirits during bed rest. wow! This baby of yours is beautiful. I hope you are starting to get into a wonderful groove of mommy-hood. It takes a bit… I do hope we can see you all soon! If you have more computer time, look at
    Especially if you are liking the moby wrap, there are a lot of other comfy carriers as baby gets bigger. It was a life saver for us!
    I hope you are well, sleeping a bit and enjoying the awesomeness of Basil.

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