Hooray for the Stiffening!


IMG_0922 IMG_0923
(Stiffs visiting Bed Rest Central in April)

We are so very happy that John Stiff and Lila Umhau have joined together into one flesh to live the rest of their life together as a single unit, a family, and a domestic church.

Because our son arrived as on time as he did, we were not able to make it to their wedding in D.C. Now that we’ve had him for a little more than a week, it’s not clear how long it would have taken for us to be comfortable traveling anyway. Being parents is a lot of work!

But despite our absence from D.C., we decided to celebrate them in Chicago the best way we could imagine. Missing out on the Georgian food at their reception, we sought it out here.

After learning that the poorly reviewed Chicago restaurant, Tbilisi, was closed, we found only one other location to taste the famed Caucasian flavors: Argo Georgian Bakery. It’s located on Devon Avenue, that diverse street in Chicago of Indians, Pakistanis, Russians, Jews, Koreans, and whomever else happened to settle there for a few years.

Elizabeth packed Basil together with his parent carrier, and we made our way north.


When Yiayia Margie and Elizabeth arrived at the door, they were befuddled and not sure about whether or not to enter.

IMG_1585 IMG_1586

“I don’t know what that sign says, but if they try to eat you I’ll zap them with my taser.”


After entering, we were all pleased that we would indeed do the consuming, and not be consumed. We started with the khachapuris – mozzarella and feta pies.

IMG_1588 IMG_1590

We followed with the potato ones.


After buying some farmer’s cheese, we departed.

IMG_1599 IMG_1593

Unfortunately, Basil slept the whole time we were out and when we arrived home. But when he woke up – he was quite hungry.

IMG_1591 IMG_1595


For our dinner, we had the other three pies (beef, spinach, and cabbage), and Yiayia Margie made a nice salad from things in the fridge.

IMG_1606 IMG_1607

Also, on the way home we made a stop for some very appropriate wine choices:

IMG_1601 IMG_1602

IMG_1603 IMG_1604

Afterwards I tried the farmer’s cheese with some tortilla chips (no bread!), and Basil went back to sleeping.

IMG_1613 IMG_1609

We hope dearly that we can maintain our friendship for years and years with the Stiffs, whether they’re in D.C., Russia, Georgia, or even Hungary, though we’ve only spent time with them in Chicago. God grant you many years.



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