Capital Capitol pt. 1


Since Little Cap came when he did, we were unable to attend the wedding of our dear friends, the (now) Stiffs.  However, we were already planning to make the trip down there with our baby boy, so once the right time arrived, we took our first family vacation to our nation’s capital (a first visit for all three of us).

After putting off ticket buying, the prices became too high and we decided it would be easiest to drive there, piling as much baby paraphernalia in the car as possible and stopping whenever we chose (as long as you’re not locked onto a tollway).

For our first night’s stay, we stopped at the Three Sisters Sunset Inn in McConnelsville, OH.  It was a decent place with a B&B feel, and we were able to catch a sunset from our window.

IMG_1802 IMG_1799

The real reason we stopped in McConnelsville, however, is because it is near Muskingum County and the home of Big Muskie.  You see, I grew up in southeast Kansas, home of Big Brutus – the “second largest electric shovel in the world.”  A couple years ago, I even took my wife-to-be to the museum with my parents and bought her sunflower earrings.

Well, Big Muskie happens to be #1, so it would have been shameful to travel across the country, through the backyard of Big Muskie, and not see it.  Unfortunately, unlike Big Brutus, all that’s left of Big Muskie is the shovel itself.  Still, we took a couple picture for comparison.

IMG_4449 IMG_1807

Basil really enjoyed it!


While the backdrop of Big Muskie is superior

IMG_1814 IMG_1811

they didn’t let me drive it like Big Brutus!

IMG_4452 IMG_4453

more to come…



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2 Responses to “Capital Capitol pt. 1”

  1. YiaYia Margie Says:

    Is that our precious grandson abandoned in the mouth of Big Muskie?

  2. vagueperson Says:

    better there than on the front lines of the Korean War

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