Capital Capitol pt. 2


After our visit with Big Muskie, we decided that since we were in the neighborhood we might as well visit our good friends, Lila and John.

After consulting Basil we were off.


Although it wasn’t really planned, most of the stops for breastfeeding along the trip were in grassy patches outside of Bob Evans restaurants.


We thought it was strange until we found out they were an Ohio restaurant.  We decided to investigate more into this establishment, on whose fumes we had already begun raising our child.  We soon found out that it is an elderly Mecca of sorts.  If you have any lingering worries that your baby is ugly, take it here to find out.  The food was, appropriately, soft and bland.  In the end, we decided it was better for breastfeeding than solid foods.


While in D.C. there were three main things happening.

1. John and Lila met Basil

IMG_1830 IMG_1820

2. Basil met Abraham Lincoln and Korean War Soldiers

IMG_1838 IMG_1846

3. We met the Stiffs! (and the Umhaus)


Unfortunately we don’t have a photo with the Umhaus, but we very much enjoyed spending time with them in their home, and it was fun seeing the enthusiasm of Lila’s father to hold and cradle Basil.

Our visit to Washington D.C. was nothing but pleasant.  Despite worries that something awful might happen or that it would be too difficult to travel with and feed Basil, things went very smoothly.  It was great seeing John and Lila creating their home together, and I was happy to be able to contribute and help putting up a knife magnet.  I must say, however, that in addition to building general communication and financial management skills (like all of us newlyweds), the Stiffs need to work extra hard on their Bananagrams skills – without question, the success of their marriage depends upon it.



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3 Responses to “Capital Capitol pt. 2”

  1. John Says:

    We’ve spent a couple nights of hard labor on these skills since you left, and have plans to use bananagrams as a lure to trick people into coming and spending time with us.
    Another highlight of the visit – everyone kept all limbs and skin surfaces intact!

  2. vagueperson Says:

    I believe, however, that the loss of limb, though not contained within that weekend visit, may yet be a result of it!

  3. Kapusta Friedrich Says:

    Hello, my name is Friedrich Kapusta from Austria an the maiden name of my mother was “Umhaus Klara”. Her sister is Adelheid Umhaus, she was living in Upper Austria and in London, Manchester Street. There is lost the trace. She was born 1926 and maybe, she’s not alive yet. She would be the last member of my mothers family; she died 4 month after my birth.
    If there are any information for my seek, please contact me.

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