Great Big Grins


Recently Basil has learned to smile (not just for digestive purposes).

IMG_1923 IMG_1925

But what is he smiling about?

IMG_1936 IMG_1938

Cousin time!

Congratulations to Katina and Jeff!  Healthy little Stella Jean was born 8/26/09.  Since she arrived two weeks early, she and Basil are only 8 weeks apart and will probably be in the same grade.

Now that is some news to smile about!



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6 Responses to “Great Big Grins”

  1. Erika Says:

    My goodness, what a smiley cutie!! Hopefully, we can meet him someday soon… And yay for Katina and Jeff!! Maybe Siri can be a soul-cousin, since she won’t be having any cousins anytime soon. :P

  2. John Says:

    He’s like a new person with that smile!

  3. AK Says:

    That fabulous smile clinches it. It is impossible for us to wait to see Basil until Thanksgiving. We’re coming soon! AK

  4. AK Says:

    That is one fabulous smile! It makes it impossible for us to wait until Thanksgiving to meet Basil. We’ll be coming to Chicago soon!

  5. AK Says:

    Sorry for two of the same message. I am inept at making comments :)

  6. yia-yia brooke Says:

    The smile is killing me! I can’t wait t sing my bbbbbbb-baby basil song to make him smile.

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