Not Amish


(written yesterday)

Today was the third day of work since summer break officially ended.  Elizabeth has been getting used to being home alone with Basil.  It is also the second complete day without Internet in our home.  We have made the transition to not only save some costs (small) but also to improve quality of life (i.e. so I waste less time reading about politics and become a better husband and father).  I will have Internet access at work (sending my emails and hers), and Elizabeth will have access at the library and coffee shops.  One may think that she is getting a raw deal because of her lack of direct access, but she jumped upon the suggestion, valuing the greater benefit mentioned above.

I arose at 6:00am and finished the homework I hadn’t yet completed for this professional development week.  I packed up my lunch of leftovers from last night – tuna pasta salad plus a banana.  My car was parked on a two-block long side street beside the apartment.  As I pulled the key from my back pocket and approached the driver’s side door, I saw it.  Glass cube chunks lay all over the street and, as I took another step forward, covered the seat I wished I were sitting in.  I stood looking at the whole in the side of my car for a few moments, letting the reality of the situation settle into my mind.  What’s done is done, I decided.  I unlocked the door and opened it to see the dashboard console open.  The GPS navigator was gone, but the old ipod nano sitting next to it remained.  The GPS mount and power cord were missing, but the many quarters and CD player faceplate were safe in the lockless glove box.  The thief had obviously seen the empty GPS mount on my dashboard, guessed where the rest was hidden, and made a very targeted and fast collection of goods.  I unlocked the back door and put my bags in the backseat, as is my routine.  Then, staring at the glass-filled driver’s seat and realizing there was no way I could go to work, I took them back out again and returned to the apartment, leaving everything else behind.  As I walked away, I was reminded of Deacon Theophan’s homily on Sunday about Amish families who set up donations for the family of the man who killed their daughters, and I realized the wrong done to me was so minor that it was not even worth a “dang” (my usual response to sudden frustration).  Rather, it was worth two prayers:


Thou who didst pray for them that crucified thee, O Lord, Lover of the souls of men, and who didst command they servants to pray for their enemies, forgive those who hate and maltreat us, and turn our lives from all harm and evil to brotherly love and good works:  for this we humbly bring our prayer, that with one accord and one heart we may glorify thee who alone lovest mankind.


As thy first martyr Stephen prayed to thee for his murderers, O Lord, so we fall before thee and pray: forgive all who hate and maltreat us and let not one of them perish because of us, but all be saved by thy grace, O God the all-bountiful.”

Subsequently, I have really appreciated private insurance companies lately.  Full Coverage at State Farm means that I have a $100 deductible, the repair was done onsite by 2:30pm today, and the stolen GPS will be replaced (actually upgraded, I believe, since it is no longer sold).  Those GPS companies must be doing really good business since at least one other person in the neighborhood got a shiny new window for the exact same reason.  The repairman said, “It’s never just one – usually four or five at once.”

No work for me today.  No work means no Internet – my first full day without it.  It’s like we’re Amish or something.  Except for that car, that ipod, that GPS thingy, and that Orthodox thingy…



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One Response to “Not Amish”

  1. yia-yia brooke Says:

    the thief must be amish………..they know you have insurance

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