Two month’s growth


Here are two pictures for your viewing pleasure.  One is of Basil at right around one month, and the second was taken yesterday at two months.  A month is such an imprecise measurement of time…

IMG_1790 IMG_1998

Look closely at his legs, his chin, and his chest.  He has definitely grown!  In about a week we’ll find out how much he weighs.



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5 Responses to “Two month’s growth”

  1. claire Says:

    Oh look at that chubby tummy. And those hulking thighs. What a baby.

  2. YiaYia Margie Says:

    How many chins does Basil have at two months? We are anxious to hear what he weighs in at.

  3. Stella Bella Says:

    Hi Cousin! You are looking sooo good. I can’t wait to grow up big and chubby like you!!

  4. yia-yia brooke Says:

    That’s his job!! To get bigger and to get new info!

  5. Uncle Mikey! Says:

    haha Stella Bella!
    Uncle Mikey wants to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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