More Minnesotans!


This past weekend we were happy to receive Kath and Richard into our house to meet little Basil.  During the visit we enjoyed local food from the Med, Swedish food from Ann Sather, butter pizza from Lou Malnati’s, and Irish breakfasts at Macnamara’s.  Now we’re starting a diet and exercise routine!

Kath brought along her camera and took some fantastic shots of Basil, so I won’t keep you waiting.

DSC_1686 DSC_1683

DSC_1689 DSC_1691

DSC_1676 DSC_1678

DSC_1727 DSC_1712

DSC_1709 DSC_1717


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5 Responses to “More Minnesotans!”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    ooooh, i just want to eat Basil up with a spoon! he’s definitely not a newborn anymore, but moving ahead into full-fledged babyhood. happy to see him looking so big and strong. peace be with you all, Kirsten

  2. YiaYia Margie Says:

    What wonderful pictures from what I hear was a wonderful weekend. He is quite handsome in the monkey onesie. We can’t wait to see you three again. Love, YiaYia Margie Keep the photos coming!

  3. yiayia brooke Says:

    LOve the mama & Papa pics with Basil. I will make some copies for Great grandma Birdie because sam is seeing her next weekend.

  4. vagueperson Says:

    Kirsten, you should come eat him up sometime soon. We’d enjoy seeing you.

    Margie, we’re looking forward to getting out of Chicago and seeing people, too.

    Thanks mom Saathoff.

  5. Erika Says:

    He is too cute. I love the facial expressions and his little “hair do”. Awesome.

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