4 Months


Month four is upon us. With apologies for the altered background blanket, we present to you Basil at 4 months (approximately 17.5 weeks). He appears his happiest yet, though it’s actually a smile squeezed between moans and other unhappy noises.

IMG_1790 IMG_1998

IMG_2148 IMG_2343

He’s been learning to read with his mama.

IMG_2336 IMG_2330

And brings things to his mouth little by little.


He enjoys tummy time a little more,


but the jury’s still out on bath time.

IMG_2317 IMG_2318

He’s good at turning from his back to his front and has actually started sleeping on his tummy (we haven’t told his pediatrician yet!).


And his neck control is good enough to start enjoying the world in a forward facing position in the carriers.

IMG_2315 IMG_2308

Thanks so much to Tara for letting us borrow her Bjaby Born – he’s enjoying it very much.

(Special note to any Facebook users – we have very limited access and aren’t able to respond to messages. It’s best to comment on the blog, send email, real mail or call like in the old days!)

Happy to hear from any of you whether you use Facebook or not.



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5 Responses to “4 Months”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    I love the deeply contemplative look at the mama cat and dog…before you know it, it will be Tolstoy and Tolkien grabbing his attention! love to you all–and I may be coming to interview at the div school soon–and if I do, I’d want to see you guys if you were available. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. yiayia brooke Says:

    You can tell all is well and he is happy and healthy. He looks curious now and I love that. Loved how he looked at the book! I am so proud.

  3. somethingdifficulttodo Says:

    Basil and I need to have a hand-in-mouth-contest rematch. First we need to schedule an arrangement with the pay-per-view people. Btw, this is my first petition to the king for my entry into his blogdom.

    Mark Roosien

  4. vagueperson Says:

    You’re in big trouble, as Basil started practicing yesterday for the foot and mouth competition. You don’t have a chance, unless of course you’ve acquired foot-and-mouth disease… in which case you’re a shoe in!

  5. John Says:

    Woah, Mr. Saathoff – the puns in that last comment are rolling off your tongue like saliva! Music to my ears!

    And Lila and I loved the pictures of Basil. He’s a good looking young chappie, he is.

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