Howdy there fellow travelers,

Basil just settled in for his afternoon nap after a marathon eating session.  Since our last posting Basil has learned to take naps and to keep his mama up all night.  This results in a semi-productive, zombie-like state, which is not conducive to blog writing, but things have been happening.  Some of Basil’s lack of sleep seems to be from his overabundance of boogers.  Eric picked up a humidifier today, and hopefully that will help liquefy the contents of his nostrils.

At the beginning of the month we received a Minnesotan visitor when Bridget met Basil.  Both Basil and I are rooting for her job search to end in Chicago.

On the 10th Basil got vaccinated for the second time.  It was far less traumatic.  The wails were as strong but subsided far more quickly.  Dr. Osta confirmed that Basil remains wonderfully average.  He weighed in at 15lbs 5oz, and was 25in long.  Apparently his head is proportionate to these measures.

Basil and I have been attending a Hyde Park playgroup.  There are two boys very close in age to Basil (one born on July 2!) and both of them are much, much bigger than Basil.  It’s been a lot of fun to meet their mamas and to watch them grow.  Hopefully there will be photos soon.

On the 20th Eric turned old.  We attempted to celebrate with a family date to Sak’s restaurant and lounge in Ukrainian Village.  Unfortunately, we were thwarted by a group of Jamaicans, who were in the process of opening a new restaurant were Sak’s used to be.  After consulting our trusty Magellan®  navigation device, we walked to another restaurant, called Old Lviv.  The restaurant appears to be the front room to a catering business, serving a buffet.  The three of us were the only customers aside from one man who came in to pick up some varenyky (?).  The hostess and cook spent the entire time staring at a Ukrainian (or Russian?) soap opera and then the Ukrainian Jerry Springer while we enjoyed our dinner in the opposite corner.  The food was sub par, but the borscht, which began the meal, was quite tasty.

Tonight two-thirds of the family will reprise date night at a different locale (we hope!).  Basil will be joining his friend Evangeline for the evening.  Don’t worry, they will be chaperoned.  This will be Basil’s second time without a parent for more than what it takes to get a bath in the hospital nursery.  He seems unconcerned and perhaps excited for the event, especially since he’s learning to get along with all sorts of characters and expanding his world.

Eric is also excited for the event.  And his recently trimmed facial hair has him looking quite sharp for date night.

I, on the other hand, am not sure what I’ll do if I can’t catch spit up.  Hopefully, there will be a projectile vomiting baby at the next table who I can catch for and I won’t feel too out of sorts.

On Wednesday, the Stiffs are flying into our fair city.  Basil and I will have a few moments with them before we all meet Eric at school, greet his class, and go our separate ways – Saathoffs to Minneapolis and Stiffs back to Hyde Park to keep the home fire burning.  We can’t wait to meet Stella in Minnesota.

And for those of you unlucky people who will not be spying Basil in the immediate future, here’s a collection of recent pictures of extreme cuteness.

Be sure to scroll down to catch LIVE ACTION BASIL (sorry, not Ukrainian television).



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2 Responses to “Videos…”

  1. yia-yia brooke Says:

    You just made my day with this sweet sweet video!!I am so in love with him. He is goiing to be talker!
    Oh BTW: Stella is darling!!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    holy cow, is Basil wearing the little outfit I got him with the hat?? I am so excited he is that big!

    Happy thanksgiving,

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