We’ve been waiting to talk about our Halloween exploits until we had proper evidence.  Thanks to Bob Walter for taking pictures – we brought our camera but had no time to hand it off.

Every Halloween for 30 years, the All Saints parish has had a celebration on the eve of the Western feast day of All Saints.  Among other things, this celebration consists of having the children dress up as mystery saints and reading limericks or riddles for the audience to guess who they are.  Last year I went and saw this celebration with John Stiff, though neither of us were fathers or participated in any way.

This year, Elizabeth and I helped Basil dress up and perform his riddle.  So here goes it:

The saint was born as a slave
That’s not how he went to his grave
The master had too much
His bad actions were such
He was freed cause he could not behave

He became a murdering thief
With everyone he had a beef
He was big, rough, and buff
But took a monk’s stuff
Whose loving kindness inspired belief

In the monastery he did remain
For his past sins he had great disdain
Though a real pious guy
He remained not that shy
And strong robbers he once did detain

When asked to judge a poor fellow
He wished rather to stay and be mellow
But forced to go
Indeed he did show
And his quiet lesson did bellow

On his back was a basket of sand
That behind him had spilled on the land
Each granule a past sin
His lesson settled the din
And those poor sinners could not lay a hand

In old age he chose not to flee
When robbers came for booty
He stayed with some friends
Martyrs crowns were their ends
Save one who told the story

Can you guess who it is?
Actually, I think anyone who might guess already knows who it is.



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2 Responses to “Halloween?”

  1. Katina Says:

    Love Basil’s costume. Also love the rhyming action – especially “booty” with “flee.”

  2. yia yia brooke Says:

    They all sound the same to me. The hand in the mouth, I’m not sure of.

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