Part II: First Christmas in Kansas


We made it to Kansas just before a heavy ice storm followed by snow, which make the roads very dangerous in a part of the country without city resources for massive road clearing.  Thanks be to God that Evan and his crew made it safely from Lawrence through the thick of it on Christmas Eve.

They brought their dog, Arrow, and took a romp on Christmas morning.

Basil, Dad, and the rest of us stayed warm and toasty inside.

Mom and Dad’s new house in the country looked really great.

Yiayia Brooke and Papou Sam had a great time visiting with baby Basil, who’s almost 6 months old now.

During his time in Kansas he made a lot of progress.  Here’s now doing an “army crawl” almost anywhere he wants to go.

And he has sprouted a tooth or two.  It took some work to get you a photo.

Me – “Can I take a look at your tooth?”

Basil – “Hmm… Let me think about it.”

“Nah, hands off, BUB!”

“Ok, now it’s alright, but take a picture – it’ll last longer!”

While in Kansas, we took time to visit my old teacher, Linda Knoll.

She served us up some homemade minestrone, and we talked about education in Chicago and the Heartland.  Basil hopes to see her again.

We also took time to visit the famed Chicken Annie’s, part of the group of fried chicken providers in S.E. Kansas.

Zoom in on the page for a history of Chicken Annie’s.  It wasn’t too expensive, but the prices have really gone up from when Annie started the place!  Yiayia and Papou were babysitting for us while we were out.  We didn’t know what we’d find when we came home, but we were surprised to find Basil asleep in Yiayia Brooke’s arms.  What a pleasant evening out.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

We had a great time in Kansas and look forward to our next visit for grandparent time.



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One Response to “Part II: First Christmas in Kansas”

  1. clairenadine Says:

    oh no, now that basil crawls i have to come see!

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