Half a Year!


Our six month update is rather overdue.  But here’s a couple photos in the “chair of the months”.

Basil weighed in at 17.3 pounds and continues to grow longer, reaching 26(?) inches.  Unfortunately Basil’s 6 month appointment included a lot of injections.  In addition to the usual 6 month vaccinations, Basil had one “catch up” shot because he didn’t start the Hep B vaccination at birth AND two flu vaccines (seasonal and H1N1).  That’s five shots in two little thighs.  (Well, not that little… proportionately speaking.)  Poor Basil ran quite a fever and was not a happy camper afterwards.  He is fully recovered now and back to playing vigorously.  He seems particularly fond of canisters

Basil is also fond of his cousin Stella.  Her picture is (usually) on the refrigerator and he likes to pat it and babble at it.  We can’t wait to see Stella in person again!!!

The week after our return from Kansas was spent in the apartment… entirely.  I caught an infection and snow poured down, so we snuggled in.  Basil didn’t seem too phased.

And Eric brought some “outside” in for me.

Basil liked it too.

I’ve never been so excited for springtime in all the long winters of my Midwestern existence. Basil’s crawling skills are also improving and it will be so much fun to see him maneuvering the outside world when it’s warm outside.


Ed.’s Note: Elizabeth failed to mention that we have recently given Basil the chance to taste some of his first solid foods.  The first choice was not a success.

The ripe banana was a bit too slipper for him to hold, but the little tastes he did get told us he wasn’t yet ready for it.  The little bit of orange he tasted the next day gave us a happier face, and he had no problem grasping onto a once-bitten apple and gnawing on the open flesh.  Slowly but surely we’ll try more, but I don’t think he’s ready for ice cream yet, Yiayia and Papou!



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One Response to “Half a Year!”

  1. Stella Bella, Katina, and Jeff Says:

    I think we are going to put a picture of Basil up on our fridge. Then, later in life, the two of them can (affectionately) call each other “The Fridge.” Or, as Lizzy suggested, perhaps they will think that refrigerators are called “Basil,” and “Stella.”

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