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7 Months

February 6, 2010

Basil has made it to seven months, but he doesn’t look too happy about it.

He has changed quite a bit, however, from the days of his youth.

As you may be able to see from the photo above, he has finally become a capable sitter.
Here he is demonstrating in a homemade diaper cover.

Recently he has gained the tip of one of his top front teeth.  He has been using it on several items:

Papa’s baseball

Homemade sourdough bread


And his first meat – chicken

Basil was heard saying, “Breastfeeding?  Who needs breast when you can have thigh!”

Tonight our plan is to try beef.

It also seems that Basil recently discovered his tongue.  Days after this video he continues sticking his tongue out at our friendly visitors.

Recently, we purchased a new baby carrier because he has become a little too heavy for Tara’s wonderful Baby Bjorn.  We went for an Ergo carrier, even though it can’t be work with Basil facing out.  Here we are modeling it:

What is that in my hand?  Oh yes, it’s the Ferber method.  We have adopted this after progressively later nights with Basil who simultaneously refused to sleep without breast feeding and refused to breast feed when he was tired.  Since we started it we have all been sleeping better and been generally kinder to one another. It has been difficult, however, listening to him cry before sleep.  Hopefully the cry periods will, indeed, become shorter and shorter.

One exciting outing we had recently was to the birthday party of one of Basil’s friends.  He knows Aidan from play group, and we were all invited to Aidan’s traditional Korean 1st birthday party.

The birthday boy or girl is supposed to grab items laid out on a table, which will show what will happen to him or her later in life.  There are several items representing things such as wealth, academics, and athleticism.  Aidan was supposed to choose three items.  His parents illegally snuck in a stethoscope, but he ended up choosing $100 bills, coins, and rice – all of which represent wealth.

We had a great time and were thankful for the invite.

Over and out.