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Tardy 8 Months and Flowers

March 17, 2010

Basil made it to 8 months a couple of weeks ago.  He’ll be at 9 months before we know it.
Take note of the size of the chair in the pictures below…

He wasn’t sure he wanted to sit in the chair, though.
He also had a special message for his Papou Boosalis.

Basil made an advance and can now pick up and eat cheerios!

He also really got into a book about a dog.
Here he is looking at the cushion bone part that hangs off.


Last week I decided Elizabeth and Basil had spent too much time inside, so I decided to take them to an inside somewhere else!

Hopefully there will be more videos soon.



BRC Anniversary, Ferberization, Visitors

March 1, 2010

There isn’t a lot to report chez Saathoff, but we figured it’s time to post a few pictures of Mr. Basil.  Eric and room 219 are gearing up for the ISAT.  Basil and I are pining for spring.  Our low-key winter days have been filled with reading and church going.  The calm is especially welcome as we just celebrated the one year anniversary of Bed Rest Central.  Uff da.  Basil is definitely not the lie around type despite the lack of activity while he was growing in-utero.  Even when Papa puts him IN a basket with toys in hopes of reading a few pages, he is up up up!  Laundry baskets are a favorite toy and enable Basil’s half-hour standing marathons.  Instead of simply pulling up like in the video a few posts back, Basil now pulls up and then walks along pushing the basket across the living room.  Oh my.

And we’ve all been sleeping quite well!  Dr. Ferber’s advising was painful to implement, but has proven effective and wonderful.  Basil hasn’t gotten a nap schedule down, but he reliably goes to sleep at bedtime and stays that way.  Sweet!

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a visit from John.  Basil particularly liked reading about animals with him:

Unfortunately Lila was not along for the short trip.  But we look forward to her arrival at the beginning of April for Pascha.  Eric and I are reading up on Baptism as recommended by Basil’s Nouna and Nouno and we’re getting very excited for Holy Saturday.

We also had a visit from Yiayia and Papou Boosalis.  Unfortunately, most of the weekend’s photos were taken with a different camera.  But here’s Basil giving Yiayia some teething tips

We had a nice dinner out on Friday and all of us trekked north for a prayer service at church.  The service was listed on the website, but didn’t make it into the bulletin for the week.  Our party plus the deacon leading the service comprised the entire congregation.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the University using their Internet to file our taxes with the help of Taxpro Papou Boo.  In the evening Basil stayed at home with Yiayia and Papou while Eric and I hit the town for a wonderful date night at Soul Vegetarian. Basil ate oranges, chatted with cousin Stella on the phone and had a grand time with his grand people chasing him.  We had a great time not chasing him and were refreshed on our return.

Basil continues his foray into solids.  Cantaloupe is a new favorite.  He’s taking bigger bites now that he has FOUR teeth!  And here’s evidence that some is getting into his mouth, at least!

Spinach is also well loved:

On Valentine’s day Basil really enjoyed his card from Yiayia and Papou Saathoff: